Brand Expression and Website Launch for Insight M

CHICAGO, March 12, 2024 — One Design celebrates the launch of our brand expression and website for Insight M, a leader in cost-effective, high-frequency aerial methane detection.

One Design has had the honor of working with Insight M as their strategic brand partner since 2022; working closely together on messaging, identity design, content strategy, website design, and development.

Insight M, formerly Kairos Aerospace, began with a mission to help oil and gas companies find and fix the most important methane leaks. Today, they offer leak detection and so much more. Their approach is grounded in scientific rigor and tailored to their partners’ unique goals in each basin, creating a successful, evidence-based methane management strategy from the ground up.

Their new name and identity, released today, reflect the powerful insights they provide as part of their consultative approach and commitment to success.

Join us in celebrating the official launch of Insight M!
See our work in action and learn more about the company at

This is an image of guidelines showing how the tagline "Methane Managed" should be locked up to the Insight M logo
The Insight M wordmark emerges from equally distributed tick marks—a visual reference to a ruler. The act of measurement taking place within the logo demonstrates the company’s core value proposition: measuring and managing methane like no other.
This is a mockup showing how the new insight M logo, tagline and brand expression would show up on a large outdoor ad.
The logo and brand line are interdependent: “Methane Managed” makes the Insight M value proposition clear.
This is an image of a letterhead and brochure and two pencils with the new Insight M logo applied
This is an image showing an example of how the new Insight M logo and tagline show up in social media applications.
Two mockups are shown here. On the left a t-shirt with the logo and tagline stacked horizontally and on the right a vertical banner with the logo and tagline stacked vertically.
Leaderlines in the logo are dynamic, scaling up, over, and down to create containers for content that guide the viewer’s eye.
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