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Deep geothermal energy lies at the core of an energy-independent future. Quaise Energy aims to unlock this inexhaustible, renewable clean energy source, providing economical access to everyone, anywhere, around the planet.

One Design collaborated with Quaise co-founder and CEO Carlos Araque and his team to brand the tough tech startup, born from the MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center and incubated within The Engine. Our positioning, messaging strategy, and identity program became an integral part of the company’s emergence from stealth.

The old Quaise logo in black and white; a diagram showcasing millimeter wavelengths; and the new Quiase wordmark in bright blue on a dark green field.
The custom letterforms of the Quaise wordmark reference millimeter wave technology, which lies at the heart of the company’s innovation.

Energy independence, right below our feet

Geothermal energy represents a truly equitable clean energy source—one with power densities consistent with fossil fuels, abundantly available near every population center on the planet at depths of 10–20 kilometers.

Quaise Energy is developing revolutionary millimeter wave drilling systems that will allow them to go deeper, faster, than ever before—essential to the economical access of this omnipresent energy source. Leveraging this technological innovation, any existing fossil fuel power plant can be converted to harness clean, geothermal energy in a matter of weeks.

It’s a compelling proposition. One Design was tasked with helping articulate this vision to a world focused on other sustainable energy solutions—from wind to solar and beyond—that come with significant trade-offs in regards to power density, land use, infrastructure requirements, and more.

The Quaise logo with an enlarged detail showcasing the angular quality of the letterforms; an image of a geothermal facility in an arctic region.
The angular letterforms of the Quaise wordmark reference infrastructure commonly associated with the delivery of geothermal energy.

A breakthrough brand for breakthrough technology

Our communication and design program sets Quaise apart from other players in the geothermal space, avoiding common visual and editorial tropes to signal the revolutionary promise of their millimeter wave innovation.

The custom letterforms of the Quaise logotype nod to millimeter wave technology, as well as the physical infrastructure of power plants and energy delivery systems. The mark is a symbol of Quaise’s unique approach to engineering, technology, and delivery: next-generation engineering innovation harnessed to repurpose the established infrastructure, supply chain, and expertise of the oil and gas industry for a cleaner, sustainable energy future.

A detailed drawing of the gyrotron-powered drilling platform including three components: a gyrotron, which produces the millimeter waves and which stays on the surface; standard tubing as used in oil and gas operations, which acts as a waveguide to convey the waves efficiently over long distances; and a gas, which carries the vaporized rock back to surface.
A suite of technical illustration and animation was created to explain millimeter wave drilling technology to a broad audience.

A graphic language rooted in technical illustration, geologic data, and mapping supports the company’s focus on engineering excellence. Leveraged across communication channels, a system of illustrations clearly articulates foundational concepts underlying the Quaise approach. Textural imagery of rural and urban landscapes nods to the universality of geothermal energy, while reinforcing the company’s reverence for the environment and a cleaner, more sustainable future.

The brand color palette intentionally diverges from those familiar in the geothermal space. A rich system of greens and electric blues—combined with ample white space—avoids overused visual reference to “heat” to connote the optimism of a more sustainable, energy independent future.

An example brand execution. Quaise construction barrier and building wrap featuring the logo, an aerial topographic photo, and the headline: Energy for everyone. Everywhere.
Leveraging Quiase technology, existing power plants can be converted to harness clean, geothermal energy in a matter of weeks.

In an example execution of the homepage of the website, the designs' exposed grid lines and annotations overlayed on photography connect to precision engineering schematics and diagrams.

The website’s exposed grid lines and annotations overlaid on photography formally reference precision engineering schematics and diagrams.

A gif from the website that speaks to the minimal drilling footprint. On an illustration of the earth, the crust is removed to show a detailed illustration of the core (3486 km, 7000º C), mantle (2885 km, 2000º C), and crust (65 km, 0-1000º C). Magnified areas of the crust appear to show the goals for Quaise's millimeter wave drilling technology: a depth of 20 km and 500º C.

Illustration and animation rooted in the same clear visual language help audiences understand the minimal footprint required by Quaise Energy’s approach to drilling.

Gifs that show the site in the mobile execution featuring team images, names, and titles, the gyrotron drilling rig, and the projected company timeline.

The Quaise website, as viewed on a mobile device.
An example of a branded brochure with the logo, aerial photography, and a headline. An example of a branded Moleskin notebook: green with a teal elastic and the logo embossed along the left edge.
A Quaise Energy brochure and branded notebook
Two posters: one is the aerial topography of a place where Quaise could drill to access geothermal energy (like Karnataka, India, with longitude, latitude, and depth). The other poster features the ideal depth and temp to reach geothermal energy (500 degrees C and 20 KM).
A Quaise Energy branded poster set
A grey t-shirt with a grey Quaise logo and gridded linework details on the front, and a teal tag on the right arm with the company’s URL: quaise.energy
A green, canvas duffle bag with a white Quaise logo printed across the front side, a grey hard-hat with the Quaise logo in white on the front.
The identity system was activated through swag for team members around the globe. Items such as bags, shirts, hard hats, and more connect scientists in the lab and engineering teams in the field.
A white notepad with the Quaise logo and a grey grid pattern; a bright blue pencil with the Quaise logo.
Business cards are two-sided, with a teal Quaise logo on green background, the longitude and latitude of the home office on one side, and name, title, address, phone in the dark grey font on neutral background on the other side.
Quaise Energy business cards

Bringing the Quaise story to life

One Design brought the company’s narrative to life through a new website that communicates to and inspires a wide variety of audiences, from talent to investors to the general public. Photography, illustration, and interactive animation support clear and compelling messaging.

Ensuring an accessible interactive experience was critical for the project team. Every aspect of the site achieves WCAG AA compliance, ensuring a powerfully rich experience for every visitor.

A static screenshot of the Quaise Energy website homepage

Making (millimeter) waves

The team at Quaise has been gathering significant attention from the press as the world grapples with climate change and the growing need for energy independence. To learn more about the company’s technology, vision, and commitment, take a listen to CEO and co-founder Carlos Araque on a recent episode of NPR’s How I Built This. Or read more about the science behind their innovation via the Engine’s feature on the energy innovator.

And stay up to date with everything Quaise is up to by visiting the site we built to support their audacious mission to sustainably power civilization and save the planet.

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