News: One Design Honored with First Place Award in the 2023 PRINT Design Competition

The Print Magazine 2023 awards logo is on the left, next to One Design’s award-winning modular logo for Montai Health on the right.

CHICAGO, June 6, 2023 — It’s an immense honor to announce that recent work from One Design has been recognized through PRINT Magazine’s prestigious 2023 Design Competition. In the Logos category, our identity system for Flagship Pioneering’s Montai Health was awarded First Place.

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Montai Health

Montai Health is a biotech company—founded by Flagship Pioneering—with a mission to “Unlock the power of nature with digital technologies to treat and preempt chronic disease.”

The video shows our logo or Montai Health, superimposed against a green cyanotype background. As the video plays, the letterforms within the logotype multiply causing the logo to expand in size and composition, alluding to evolving chemical compounds and structures.

The ever-evolving, responsive Montai Health logotype

Our dynamic, modular identity system borrows from the visual language of chemical bond diagrams, symbolizing the infinite chemical possibilities afforded by their platform. Vintage cyanotype textures emphasize Montai’s exclusive use of safe, organic compounds.

The Montai Health logo on top of a blue cyanotype background
Montai Health logo permutations on a solid yellow field
Montai Health business cards on green, pink, and blue backgrounds
The Montai Health logo on a blue tote bag
The inside of a branded Montai Health folder, featuring full bleed cyanotype imagery and a letterhead
The Montai Health branding applied to a diagram, a blister pack, and a medicine bottle
Permutations of the Montai Health logo on top a eight unique color / cyanotype image backgrounds


In 1980, PRINT Magazine launched PRINT’s Regional Design Awards competition with a simple goal: to show that outstanding design wasn’t just limited to New York City, and could be found throughout every single region of the United States. Forty years later they updated and relaunched their annual awards program to showcase the reality that outstanding design isn’t limited to the United States—it can be found in every corner of the globe.

This year’s judges—including Tucker Nichols, Gemma O’Brien, and Lisa Congdon—worked across a vast field of 24 categories, ranking entries based on four key criteria:

  1. Originality
  2. Innovation
  3. Longevity
  4. Craft

Check out the complete slate of talented 2023 PRINT Design Annual winners here.

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