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For all Landkind: Crafting a complete brand from name to ecommerce site for an environmentally responsible consumer supplement company.

DoubleRainbow Biosciences is a sustainable healthcare company that harnesses the power of nature to create pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals that advance the health of people and the planet. After One Design crafted the DoubleRainbow brand, the team asked us to do the same—and more—for their first consumer-facing product brand. Together, we created a positioning strategy, company name, extendible product naming architecture, visual identity system, packaging design program, ecommerce website, and social media campaign to launch a comprehensive consumer retail experience.

It’s all in the name
The DoubleRainbow brand is full of wonder and reverence for the natural world. Its new sub-company synthetically produces medically effective molecules that are found only in endangered plants, recreating just the medicine and nothing else, while removing the need to ever harvest the plant again. The name for this consumer-facing company had to convey a respect for nature, deliver on the DoubleRainbow brand promise of “vibrant sustainability,” and hold a wide range of future product possibilities while radiating optimism and vitality.

Naming options with red and green dots on them that indicate votes. The name Landkind has multiple green dots on it.

Playing off of “humankind,” the name “Landkind” puts the brand’s sustainability mission front and center, but on human terms. Meanwhile, the product name, LK-01 Pure Salidroside, is scientific, bold, direct, and technical, emphasizing how uniquely pure and effective it is.

Positioning that pushes the audience to expect more
Landkind’s key differentiators are sustainability and purity, so the positioning and messaging challenge customers to question whether their current supplements are either. This provocative stance helps Landkind stand out in the crowded supplement market by challenging it. The headlines and copy push readers to raise their standards, and the brand line, “Ethical supplements for a well world,” introduces environmental impact as a new factor to consider when shopping for supplements.

Multiple pages of brand positioning copy featuring headlines like “Raise your supplement standards,” “To be a well being, we need a well earth,” and “From a single plant: A new era of vitality.”

Nature and science in harmony
The brand identity and design system combine reverence for nature and scientific purity. Organic silhouettes hold collages of plants, barks, mosses, and mushrooms—the original sources of the medicines that Landkind recreates. Meanwhile, the product packaging is minimal—embracing a purposely clinical, scientific aesthetic.

The wordmark also holds the nature/science duality. “Land” is typeset in Suisse Neue, a refined, intellectual typeface; while “kind” is set in a monospaced superscript that nods to chemical equations and the periodic table.

The Landkind wordmark on white background with natural textures filling nature-shaped silhouettes. The word “Land” is large and in all caps serif typeface, and the word “kind” is in superscript in a technical monospace typeface.
A frosted white Landkind pill bottle laying on a white background with silhouette of a leaf filled in with solid light blue. A white business card featuring the Landkind wordmark, standing on its corner on top of a pile of thick, white business cards.

A multi-layered story
A collage motif unites imagery that highlights product benefits like human health, environmental preservation, and product purity. Graphic layering ties those benefits to what makes them possible: the natural world that is the source of inspiration for Landkind’s products.

A photograph of a landscape with a mountain stream and blue sky. Behind the photograph, graphic natural shapes animate in and are gradually filled in by black and  light blue, then photos of mountains, plants growing on rocks, and closeups of plants, flowers, and leaves.
Three social media posts. One features a headline that reads “Born from mother nature’s blueprint, made sustainable by science” on top of a graphic background, half filled in by a close up photo of the underside of mushrooms against a light blue background. The other two social media posts feature a portrait of a healthy looking man, and a photo of a hand holding three pill capsules, both with the natural collage in the background.

Intentional duality
Throughout the design system, the natural and clinical design elements paint a picture of a sustainable and highly-effective product that supports wellness and vibrancy for both humans and the planet. This duality defines the Landkind brand and is designed to appeal to a wide variety of audiences who might be seeking more mental and physical energy: from fitness enthusiasts to biohackers to tired working parents.

A billboard for Landkind that reads “Sustainable supplements that support well beings.” featuring a photo collage of natural elements, a photo of a hand holding three pill capsules, and a portrait of a healthy-looking woman.”
A spread from inside the product brochure, featuring copy that says “To be a well being we need a well earth. Respect, revitalize, restore the places you inhabit.” The visuals are photographs of a landscape, a portrait of a man, and a collage of natural elements filling the outlines of leaves.

Sustainable in every way
The packaging demonstrates Landkind’s commitment to sustainability with a reusable glass bottle that arrives in a recyclable, eco-friendly package, and subscriptions that come in refill pouches to cut packaging weight and reduce environmental impact. Meanwhile, the capsules and bottles are physically and verbally transparent about the purity of the product inside.

Even the product imagery is cost-efficient and sustainable: collaborating with Blaque Studio, we created a robust asset kit of completely digital 3D renderings, images, and videos that Landkind will be able to leverage and evolve for future products.

Landkind product packaging. A frosted white, semi-transparent pill bottle, frosted white pill envelope, and an open, transparent pill capsule with white powder spilling out of it.
Landkind product packaging. A white pill bottle in a brown cardboard box with a photographic collage of natural elements printed on the inside.

E(ducational) Commerce
Pulling it all together, the Landkind website performs triple duty in a small Shopify package: it’s a brand site that introduces the idea of ethical supplements to consumers, it's a sales site that provides just the right amount of educational content to make consumers feel confident in Landkind and willing to try LK-01, and it’s an ecommerce site selling bottles and subscriptions of the supplement directly to customers.

The first section of the Landkind ecommerce website homepage introducing the Landkind brand, and featuring a photo of an LK-O1 Pure Salidroside bottle amidst a photographic collage of natural elements.
Screen shots of the entire Landkind ecommerce site homepage. The content introduces the brand and the LK-01 Pure Salidroside product, describes how their process yields a pure, potent, and sustainable product, and compares what’s in Landkind supplements vs other supplements.
A screen shot of the LK-01 Pure Salidroside product detail webpage, featuring a product shot, product description, options for 90-or 30-day starter kits, benefits of the product, and copy highlighting how the product is created in a sustainable manner.

All systems go for launch
The Landkind brand has a solid foundation with thought-provoking positioning, a flexible design program, and an extendible product naming architecture. The system is built to hold any product that Landkind may launch in the future, and we look forward to supporting the Double Rainbow team as they continue to advance sustainable human health.

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