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CHICAGO, November 09, 2021 — It’s a great honor to announce that Alltrna, a Flagship-backed leader in tRNA therapeutics, has shared its new brand name, identity, and website.

Together, we created a bold new brand—an expression that confidently conveys the extraordinary opportunity that lies within tRNA to transform our collective, fundamental relationship with disease.

Including “tRNA” in their name was an intentional celebration of this ancient molecule and a way to establish Alltrna as an expert in the space.
Highlighting the “t” in Alltrna was a way to pay proper homage to a molecule. Similarly, Alltrna’s color palette was crafted to speak to the inventiveness, intelligence, and ambition of their endeavor.
The name Alltrna (pronounced awl-TUR-nuh) holds a plethora of meanings. It’s a play on “alternate,” denoting the alternative way of thinking and doing. It’s a nod to the breadth of their ambitions—all of the potential ways to employ the science. And it quite literally includes their modality, tRNA.
Alltrna's platform applies machine learning to reveal the unique language of tRNA biology.

The tRNA decodes mRNA and transfers the appropriate amino acid to the growing amino acid chain.

Co-created with Microverse Studios, we developed a stylistically unique visualization of tRNA and its role in the process of protein creation.
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