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If the manufacturing industry dreams, then Uptake is its dream come true. Using predictive analytics, Uptake equips machines to collect data that help companies identify risks, minimize downtime, and simply work smarter. They partnered with One Design to develop a new website that would clarify their product offerings and better support their sales.

Uptake came to us with several challenges:

  1. They were ready to shift the emphasis of their brand messaging to be more specific
  2. Their new site had to be as dynamic as they are, with the flexibility to grow with the company and better support their sales team
  3. They also managed multiple analytics platforms, making it hard to find and draw conclusions from their own site data
  4. And they needed their new site on an ambitious timeline—with site development and a brand identity update happening simultaneously

Content strategy for clarity

We knew that clear, relatable messaging and stories would take the site toward its goals in leaps and bounds. So we collaborated closely with Uptake to update their content strategy.

The original site’s copy was intentionally vague, since many of Uptake's early products were unique solutions for their clients. We shifted focus to Uptake’s end results and their newer, ready-to-use products, employing a storytelling strategy rich in imagery and case study examples.

Simultaneous design and development

Between the aggressive schedule and Uptake developing a new brand identity in tandem with the site, we opted to design the site right within the browser. This allowed us to choose and adjust colors, type, imagery, and hierarchical styles quickly and easily.

ODC collaborated with and advised Uptake to help both the identity and site development processes match up to—and meet—our ambitious timeline.

Our most flexible site yet

The new site is the most flexible site we’ve developed in Craft to date, with more than twenty different content blocks and variables to allow customization like never before. And we combined those disparate analytics software services into one unified system with API integrations.

Ambition delivered right on time

The result is a site experience equipped to capture leads on every page through case study-led storytelling and a hefty HubSpot integration. The old visual identity evolved to illustrate the broad applicability of their technology, supported by clear, easy-to-understand language. The site's flexible system means that nearly every page has hundreds of potential customizations and combinations. And that ambitious timeline? Nailed it.

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