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The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) publishes peer-reviewed research, reviews, and editorials, along with a series of podcasts. They came to One Design to design The JAMA Network®'s app, JN Listen, that would serve everyone from doctors catching up on topics of interest to physicians earning continuing medical education (CME) credits.

Evidence-based Ideation

Before firing up our wireframing tools (and our imaginations), we conducted a series of interviews with doctors. We learned about their podcast and audio app preferences, and how they typically earn CME credits. And—unsurprisingly—we learned that they’re incredibly busy. Designing an intuitive app with zero learning curve went from best practice to make-or-break essential.

A Prescription for Prototypes

So we created wireframe prototypes in InVision, then sat down with doctors for two rounds of testing. The first, with pre-populated podcasts, tested whether a returning user could listen, navigate, and wrangle CME quizzes with ease. The second simulated a first-time user’s experience, focusing on onboarding and empty states. Through open-ended tasks—and without explaining or defending a thing—we uncovered what worked and what needed work.

Alongside basic functions, features such as an episode history and push notifications for topics of interest were refined and perfected. Not to mention that we uncovered some interesting user preferences, like the sweet spot for medical podcast listening times (15-20 minutes, in case you’re curious).

The Right Team at the Table

Once we’d nailed down the user experience, we were able to apply visual design with confidence. Then it was time to tie everything together, technically speaking. Our regular co-conspirators at Table XI built the actual app. The JAMA Network® manages a series of back-end systems that house subscriber information, audio content, and CME credits. And One Design built an API to act as a bridge, so that users’ phones need only connect to a single source to pull all the data the app needs from those systems.

Keeping Up the Good Work

Table XI's expertise in all things iOS app made for streamlined testing, code fixes, and deployment into the App Store. Now they're ensuring the app's continued health by monitoring usage, analyzing user behavior, and making proactive adjustments.

A Great Prognosis

Potential future work with The JAMA Network® includes expansion from iOS to Android and exciting features like voice-command functionality for a hands-free experience. Enabling those busy physicians to earn CME credits while in the car or exercising is a logical next step for The JAMA Network® as they continue to push the bounds of conventional medical apps.

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