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Tend connects caregivers with folks whose ill or aging loved ones need help at home. The Australia-based company came to One Design and our friends at Table XI to ensure their unique app would stand out in the market and be a breeze to use.

The in-home care industry is ripe for innovation. Hospital referrals, complicated processes and pricing, and the search for trustworthy help can add confusion and anxiety to an already tough time. Tend is taking on those challenges, and we were excited to support that work with a name, marketing strategy, visual expression, and website.

Age Exceptionally

An audit of the dreary world of services aimed at the elderly and ill yielded some clear ways to stand out: Be authentic, positive, and personal. The tagline “Age Exceptionally” fit perfectly with Tend’s mission, and resonates with caregivers, those in need of assistance, and their families.

A name that nurtures

Armed with a warm, purposeful tagline—and brand position—we set out to summarize it all in a name. Tend was the perfect fit. It conveys the company’s purpose succinctly, balances positivity and respect, and honors the role of caregivers and families in helping individuals live full, independent lives.

A visual identity and site to match

Next up: visual identity. Bright graphics and illustrations pair with warm photography to embody Tend’s promise. A bold sans-serif font—legible and friendly—rounds out the identity, and the animation brings it all to life.

We put it all together in an informational site built on the Craft CMS platform. Keeping content up to date as Tend officially launches and grows will be a breeze.

Next stop: Mobile app

Tend is all set with an identity, brand strategy, and website that set them more than a few notches above the competition. They’re now hard at work with our partners at Table XI on translating it all to a mobile app that puts in-home caregivers just a swipe away.

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