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Jason Pontin—former editor of the MIT Tech Review, amongst other prestigious publications—desired an online home to archive and present his vast catalog of content.

Together we crafted a powerfully conceptual brand language for the polymath, along with a robust digital content archive. An homage to the printed page, Jason’s site leverages graphic layering and editorial sensibility to create a rich, engaging, and supremely navigable online reading experience.

A video scrolling through the Jason Pontin website.

Adaptable, editorial, and audaciously confident

At the heart of the brand is an endlessly evolving array of illustrations, crafted to represent Jason’s wide range of interests and areas of expertise. An unabashedly confident toolkit of sans serif typography (featuring Neue Haas Grotesk) and striking color rounds out Jason’s personal identity, a nod to classic editorial design and the design sensibilities he reveres.

Two brochures for Jason Pontin sit ontop of a black backgrop. On the left, a black brochure with white type and on the right, a red brochure with black type.
An image of two brochures on a black backdrop. The brochure on the left features an image of an eclipsed moon and a stripe of red to showcase the bold color palette. On the right, a black and white brochure to show the identity stripped back.
An image of a stack of white business cards on a white table.
An image of two brochures on a black background. On the left, a white brochure and on the right, a red brochure. Both showcase big editorial type and icon system.
An image of white business cards with variable logomarks and icorns on an off-white background.
An image of a black and white stationary set including a red envelope on a black background.
A screenshot of Jason Pontin’s website, featuring his logotype.
A screenshot of Jason Pontin’s website, featuring links to his journalism archives.
A screenshot of Jason Pontin’s website, featuring his logotype and a link to essays.

A platform for the long haul

Beyond its role as an archive of the past, Jason’s site functions as a publishing platform for new essays and content. Featuring an easy-to-use CMS, Jason can build upon his content library as desired, leveraging the site as vehicle to continually express his voice and point of view.

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