News: Introducing Totus Medicines

The reconfigurable Totus wordmark and pattern is emblematic of covalent bonds and molecular chemical structure.

CHICAGO, December 9, 2021 — Join us in celebrating the official launch of Totus Medicines, a chemical biology company seeking to make every disease treatable by making the entire human genome druggable.

The Totus team is designing life-changing medicines at a genomic scale by focusing on covalent molecules—universal keys to unlocking undruggable targets for both non-covalent and covalent drug development. With an initial focus on oncology, they are actively developing drugs against poorly treated, advanced forms of cancer.

One Design has had the honor of working with Totus as their strategic brand partner since 2019. From research and positioning strategy through naming, identity development, facility branding, team culture documentation, and more, we’ve helped Totus express every aspect of their brand as they’ve made tremendous strides in their quest to end the era of untreatable disease.

Learn more about Totus Medicines—including their incredibly promising cancer-fighting therapeutic candidates—at

Stay tuned for a case study showcasing the extent of our partnership soon.


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