News: One Design Honored with Four STA 100 Awards, Including a Judge’s Choice Honor

An at-a-glance view of the four One Design projects that won in the 2021 STA100 competition: Flexe, Double Rainbow Biosciences, Arts Workers United, and Jason Pontin.

CHICAGO, DECEMBER 10, 2021 — With great excitement, we’re pleased to announce that four recent projects have been recognized through The Society of Typographic Arts’ prestigious STA 100 competition as among the “100 best examples of typographic excellence produced around the globe” in 2021.

Branding work for Arts Workers United, Flexe, Double Rainbow Biosciences, and Jason Pontin was included in the set of 100 honorees.


Our work for Double Rainbow Biosciences was recognized by Patric King—President of House of Pretty, Ltd.—as his Judge’s Choice award winner, one of four in the competition.

“I chose this as an example of excellence in the usage of type as an expressive device,” Patric says. “The wordplay, the austerity of the typography and mark, the photo direction.”

“[And] it’s real … So often we’re looking at work that is speculative. This is commercial work, making an impact in the real world. It’s such an incredibly brave choice for scientists and engineers to make—all in all, a gorgeous piece of work.”

The Double Rainbow logo on black, next to the “DR” monogram on a field of rich red color
Double Rainbow Biosciences was honored with one of four judge’s choice awards, selected by Patric King of House of Pretty.


Now in its 43rd year, The Society of Typographic Arts’ STA 100 competition seeks to identify and honor the finest examples of communication design and typography created around the world. The competition jury selects and presents only the 100 best examples of typographic excellence produced each year.

One Design’s branding work for Arts Workers United, Flexe, Double Rainbow Biosciences, and Jason Pontin was included in the set of 100 honorees.
Work for Flexe, Arts Workers United, Double Rainbow Biosciences, and Jason Pontin received awards in the Society of Typographic Arts’ 2021 STA 100 competition.


The 2021 jury of distinguished peer professionals included David Pearson, Mathieu Lommen, Patric King, and Jill Shimabukuro. This year’s event was chaired by Jill Gage of The Newberry Library. Together, the panel brought unrivaled expertise to their selections, identifying only 100 winners and one Judge’s Choice award each.


Since it was founded in Chicago on October 17, 1927, the STA has existed to encourage excellence and professionalism in all aspects of design, printing, and typography. Originally a chapter of the New York-based American Institute of Graphic Arts, in 1927 the Society of Typographic Arts created its own identity as an organization of Chicago’s leading professional designers, typographers, and printers.

Check out the complete slate of 2021 STA 100 award winners here, or focus on the specific One Design projects that received honors.

And while you’re at it, take a moment to learn a little bit about The Society of Typographic Arts as well as the history of the STA 100 competition.

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