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One Design helped DCVC, a storied venture capital firm with a history of supporting some of the world’s most innovative entrepreneurs and their teams, amplify voices in deep tech.

Companies at the cutting edge of deep tech are working to solve the seemingly intractable problems facing the future of our planet and our society. The deep tech entrepreneur leverages breakthroughs in science and technology to solve hard, real-world problems in industries that have long resisted change—energy, water, agriculture, mining, healthcare, space, and more. There are no easy answers or fast solutions—sweat, toil, and hard work are required to find a solution.

DCVC is a venture capital firm with a storied history supporting these founders and their team, working tirelessly to create a better outcome for the future of our planet.

As the firm grew beyond its founders, Matt Ocko and Zachary Bogue, it needed a brand and suite of communication tools to give voice to the team, elevate the work of its portfolio companies, and connect with the next generation of innovators.

Deep Tech Venture Capital.
Full stop.

A bold claim, based not only in reputation but in practice. These words formed the foundation of a new positioning and communication strategy for the firm, as we helped the team stake their claim as the preeminent investors supporting those working at the forefront of deep tech in all of its permutations.

Let the innovators shine

Our design system is rooted in the fundamentals of editorial design: let the content shine. A bold, confident typographic system exudes clarity and confidence. While graphic devices—including the green highlight—nod to the sense of urgency driving work in the space.

A documentary approach to photography forms the backbone of the brand. A slick and polished tone—all too common in the world of tech startups—is avoided at all costs. Instead, images capture the world of the deep tech entrepreneur in all of its gritty glory.

Deep Tech Opportunities Report

The first volume of an ongoing series, we created DCVC’s inaugural Deep Tech Opportunities Report as a vehicle for sharing the firm’s expertise. The 95-page publication highlights emerging trends alongside the companies working at the forefront of critical innovation in science and technology.

Giving form to voice

A robust new publishing website—along with a suite of communication tools—serves as the engine for the DCVC editorial strategy. Custom-built on a robust CMS, the website gives the DCVC editorial team the flexibility to highlight the work of their portfolio companies and amplify the perspective of the industry experts within the firm.

Be a scientist, save the world

The new DCVC brand elevates and connects— staking a claim and celebrating the legacy of the firm’s partnership with some of the world’s most innovative and important companies. We gave the firm the tools necessary to elevate its profile while connecting with those working tirelessly in the trenches to shape our future.

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