Brand Strategy, Web Design, and a Flexible CMS for Metagenomi

Metagenomi logo placed on top of photo of nature

One Design crafted a differentiated brand identity, visual expression, and compelling web experience to support a growing biotech research company as they approached IPO.

Metagenomi, a pioneer in the field of metagenomics and a leader in gene editing, discovers gene editing systems from nature to develop next-generation therapies for patients.

They came to One Design looking for a long-term partner who could help them uncover and tell the story of their groundbreaking research in the biotech space across their diverse audience groups. Our project team at One Design used insights from research to ground the brand's identity in their innate fascination with and respect for nature.

We conducted a set of discovery worksessions, stakeholder interviews, and a competitive analysis to evaluate competitors' brand visuals, positioning and messaging.

It was discovered that while the themes of "cutting-edge, next-generation technology" and the company's potential for "scale of impact" were relevant to Metagenomi, they were not the most convincing differentiators to distinguish Metagenomi from other companies in the gene editing space.

Through research, we were able to establish a set of guiding principles for how the expression of the brand should come to life. Those guiding principles drove our work on brand personality—including brand persona, attributes, voice and tone—as well as the foundation direction for the brand identity.

As our team later worked to develop a refined expression for the brand identity, the guiding principles provided a clear field for exploration.

We reimagined Metagenomi's brand identity, crafting two unique directions that aligned with their brand personality and story.

During the rebranding process, we aimed to enhance Metagenomi's 4-part process and the double helix of their logo while further reducing complexity. We removed design elements from their previous logo that were impeding clarity (dots, toggles, levers); their new identity could elevate and highlight their role in genetics.

A new digital experience aligned with Metagenomi's new brand expression and worked as a highly flexible tool to support ongoing management and growth.

A deep dive was taken into their content strategy to ensure that key messages were clearly communicated across all audience segments. The content was designed to highlight their differentiators, explain their scientific perspective clearly, and provide proof that would bolster trust with site visitors.

A sitemap was provided, which gave a high-level overview of the site's organization, as well as a page detail, which gave a breakdown of the specific goals and necessary content for each individual page. Page types and styles were then designed that could be applied globally for uniform scalability.

We designed and developed a highly flexible system of design patterns and templates to support a growing company and website.

Building this integrated design system on a CMS allowed the client to manage and grow with their website needs over time.

The focus was on the design of a few key areas, knowing that the design principles that were established would inform the approach of the interior architecture firm to designing additional spaces at the headquarters.

We utilized the principles established at the beginning of the project to design five significant experience spaces in the headquarters. These spaces include the lobby, a primary stairwell, the glass surrounding the primary conference room, a company timeline exhibit, and wayfinding throughout the area.

Photo of Metagenomi celebrating IPO

Our work culminated in the creation of a unique, tailored, and scalable visual identity system that positioned Metagenomi for success right from its inaugural brand unveiling at the JPM Healthcare conference. This foundational win was further extended through a comprehensive website launch in the subsequent months, and most notably, facilitated a smooth transition into a recent Initial Public Offering (IPO).

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