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Generate Biomedicines is a new kind of therapeutics company, existing at the intersection of biology, machine learning, and biological engineering.

Leveraging breakthrough innovations in Generative Biology, Generate brings a never-before-seen level of control and intentionality to the development of medicines—a fundamental shift from discovery to intentional generation.

In collaboration with Flagship Pioneering, a Cambridge-based firm with an impressive track record of bringing life science innovation to the world, One Design developed a brand communications strategy to launch this radical new company in the spring of 2020.

Creation, unlimited possibility, and the thrilling potential of what may come next—concepts core to the Generate brand.

A simple typographic element—the colon—elegantly captures this promise, becoming the foundational building block of our visual identity. A colon precedes a list, symbolizes an expansion, or leads to an explanation. It also becomes a symbol of vast opportunity and audacious goals—precisely what the Generate team seeks to accomplish.

Dynamically generated interactive illustration

Today, we find ourselves as pioneers on the precipice of yet another moment of technological advancement that can redefine tomorrow.

From the Generate Biomedicines mission

We are no longer limited to iterating on what already exists in nature. We can now generate completely novel proteins with specific and desired functions from scratch.

From the Generate Biomedicines mission

On a mission to transform the world

Pioneers in a radically new field require a brand voice to match—confident and audacious, yet backed by rigorous science and rational intellect. “Pioneering generative biology to create breakthrough therapeutics” describes the mission. “Now we can” serves as an empowering rallying cry.

The wordmark was designed to be a functional vehicle for an evolving system of content, embracing the possibilities of the graphic mark to articulate the ever-expanding list of products, capabilities, and concepts made possible by the field of Generative Biology.

We envision a world in which the chance and unpredictability associated with the discovery of treatments for conditions and ailments affecting humanity are eliminated; replaced by the intentional and predictable generation of novel medicines.

From the Generate Biomedicines mission

Now we can.

One Design launched the Generate Biomedicines website in early spring 2020, bringing word of their innovation to the world as they rapidly grow their team, expand their technology, and set off to engineer solutions to some of humanity’s most pressing problems.

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