The best articles that never made the One Weekly

Ever wonder how we compile the One Weekly? Throughout the week, the super smart, super connected ODC team submits articles to the Weekly editor for consideration.

Sometimes, for one reason or another, really great ideas just don’t make the cut. So we decided to search the archives and pick some of our favorite Weekly submissions that never made it in. But don't worry, we had very real, very valid excuses for why they were left out.

Magic Clay. A Clay animation from Guldies
Reason it was left out: Sometimes things just happen and it’s nobody’s fault, ok? The world can be a confusing place, and great claymation videos just slide through the cracks without any real explanation.

Wait But Why: The Marriage Decision
Reason it was left out: This gave the Weekly editor an anxiety attack.

Astrum: A lightweight pattern for any web project
Reason it was left out: Occasionally the Weekly editor will receive submissions she either doesn’t know what to do with or can’t think of something funny to say about. This was one of those times. That’s not a knock against this lightweight pattern library though, it seems pretty cool.

Angel Olsen reinvents herself
Reason it was left out: It turns out Angel Olsen has no relation to the Olsen twins as was unfortunately assumed. Probably could have recommended this after all.

Mel Science raises 2.5 million dollars to put a VR twist on chemistry sets
Reason it was left out: VR chemistry sets? The youths get everything these days. Left out of the Weekly because we didn’t want to subject our dear readers to the same feelings of envy and bitterness we felt.

Olly Moss designed Harry Potter eBook covers
Reason it was left out: Olly Moss is cool and all, but that was the week we had that article about design thinking in the age of virtual cash transfer. Olly Moss can’t compete with that, you can look up Olly Moss Harry Potter covers on your own time.

16 expletives we should definitely bring back
Reason it was left out: High expectations, poor execution. With a headline like that, you think you’re going to get away with yelling really awful things at rude people on public transportation. Unfortunately, none of the words had quite enough oomph oomph to pull that off. Still worth a gander though.

Scott Campbell's OM-1 Cassette Synethesizer
Reason it was left out: Our Weekly editor never owned a cassette. She’s a millennial who just couldn’t understand how undeniably cool this was.

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