One Of Us: Stacey Shintani, Senior Project Manager

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Name: Stacey Shintani

Job Title: Senior Project Manager

What do you tell people you do? I manage timelines, budgets, and scope for web, identity, and strategy projects—but that's really all just a clever ruse to write neatly on whiteboards and keep things organized with Google spreadsheets.

How long have you been with ODC? I started on May 9, 2016.

What did you do before you arrived? I spent a mostly glorious 15 years at the University of Chicago's in-house web agency, Web Services.

What do you bring to ODC beyond your PM skills? Aside from the neat handwriting and a jack-of-all-trades web design background, I'm a beekeeper and was raised as a Buddhist, so I'm pretty solid on the calm, meditative front.

Settle the debate. What’s the best flavor of La Croix? Pamplemousse ALL THE WAY.

What music do you gravitate towards when you have to be extra productive? I actually have a hard time listening to music without getting distracted. So it's either got to be something gentle and familiar, like R.E.M or M. Ward, or else this 24-hour loop of the ambient engine noise of the USS Enterprise (a.k.a. the best white noise machine ever).

Name the moment when you realized you were part of the ODC family I happened to start work just before our 2016 ODC retreat, so I finished out my first week on the job by sharing a loft adjacent to a distillery with all my new co-workers. James brought along his guitar and sang Purple Rain while we were all still in heavy mourning for Prince. There may have been some tears.

Favorite Chicago neighborhood? My own: Bowmanville. Our neighbors are amazing. On a typical summer evening we might see the mom from two doors down teaching her daughter to pogo stick in the street, a couple from the next block bike by on a tandem wearing a suit and a dirndl to go serve beer at a German Festival, and the little girl next door come over for a free hug. All while we're hanging on the porch waiting for our friends to come over and pick up our dog (and us) for a beer at the dog-friendly taproom around the corner.

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