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Our well-loved office dogs bring elements of chaos and entertainment to ODC's office environment. Because they occupy such a major position at the office (and in our hearts), we thought we would introduce you to One Design's canine cast of characters that greet you, for better or worse, the moment they hear the elevator doors open to the studio. 

Name: Jay Z Carter

Breed: German Shepherd Mix

Pet Parent's Name: Genevieve

When I'm not in the office I'm...
Running my mom's security detail

Most shameful office moment
Sometimes I bark at mail delivery people who enter the office. Heard dogs were supposed to do that

Favorite job to do at the office
I look through people's bags and backpacks for contraband food

Name: Pip

Breed: Shiba Inu (Mostly)

Pet Parent's Name: Brian

When I'm not in the office I'm...
Sleeping on the softest surface I can find

Best Office Moment
Modeling for some social media posts

Best Trick
"Pip Pip Hooray!"

Name: Eli

Breed: Golden Doodle (and enormous)

Pet Parent's Name: Sam

Favorite job to do at office
My life out of the office is pretty "stressful". So when I'm at ODC, I like to blow off steam with some simple collating

Best Office Moment
Whenever we move to a new office, I christen it with a big poop somewhere that Sam has to find

Secret Talent
I'm a represented model and actor

Name: Edwin J. Sieren

Breed: Shit-Poo

Pet Parent's Name: David Sieren

Best Trick
Acting like a circus bear and dancing across the floor for treats

Favorite Coworker
I only have eyes for Noah

Favorite job to do at the office

Name: Delilah

Breed: Pit/boxer mix

Pet Parent's Name: Noah

When I'm not in the office I'm...
Tussling with other dogs at the dog park

Best Office Moment
Sleeping on my bed the first day, I fit right in

I will do _____ for treats

Name: Captain Nicholas Jenkins (Jenkins for short)

Breed: Shelter mutt! But probably a pit mix

Pet Parent's Name: Stacey

Most shameful office moment
Finding out that our conference room speakers amplify chewing sounds. Hugely

Favorite job to do at the office
Chew that one bone that’s the size of my head

Secret talent

Name: Brody

Breed: Labradorish

Pet Parent's Name: James

Best Trick
Getting punched in the face by my 2 year old human sister

Favorite Coworker
I love Brian Hanson

Favorite job at the office
Hiding out in conference rooms

Name: Ryder

Breed: Finnish Lapphund

Pet Parent's Name: Pat

Secret Talent
Livestock herding

Favorite job at the office
Securing the perimeter

When I'm not in the office I'm...
Winning best in show

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