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Opportunities to create work for ourselves is a rare luxury. With Unread, we’ve made sure that happens at least twice a year.

Unread is a biannual publication that lets us push a part of our process into the spotlight and express our perspective, celebrating the details that tend to get lost in the rush of it all.

We’ve embraced the worlds of print, sound, and interactivity—all mediums we hold dear within the studio—to tell the stories contained within. And in a sea of studios doing work for clients large and small, it’s precisely the things we hold dear that sets us apart. Our philosophy. Our point of view.

The first volume of Unread is all about one of our central beliefs: the transformative power of curiosity.

Our own beautifully weird expression

A fresh typographic voice. Abstract analog collage. Photography. Drawing. Ephemera from client-related travels both close to home and abroad.

With no one but ourselves as clients, we leaned into a visual language that embraced the things we were curious about as a studio.

Our own network

When it comes to content, where better to look than our community? And for volume one, we sat down with studio friend, collaborator, and client—Jim Coudal of Field Notes—to talk about his creatively curious philosophy.

The beauty of print

Off the laptops and onto the presses. We ran these beauties offset with our friends at Classic Color and Mohawk because the paper possibilities are vast, the technical skill of the press crew is impressive to behold, and the smell of the fresh ink is simply unbeatable.

Our own system

Selfishly speaking, having a magazine to call our own has been high on the wish list for quite some time. Extending the experience online, you can read more about the projects featured in the issue, as well as build your own digital collage to match the style featured in volume one.

And if you want to get really deep in the weeds with Jim Coudal, check out Unread Unheard, the podcast supplement to the publication. The first episode features our conversation with Jim uncensored, in full.

Something to talk about

We're never ones to miss a party—so you best believe we jumped on the opportunity to launch Unread with some of our most beloved clients and friends.

 Stephanie Bassos

Hosted at Hopewell Brewing, we spent a few hours drinking great beer, eating delicious food from Big Delicious Planet, listening to Terrible Spaceship (featuring one of our own, James Johnston), and reveling in the sweet, sweet realization that volume one was fresh off the press and ready for the world.

 Stephanie Bassos
 Stephanie Bassos
 Stephanie Bassos
 Stephanie Bassos
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