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Hopewell Brewing Company was a local hit the moment they opened their doors in Logan Square three years ago. As they grew they began looking to reinvest in their brand, creating a consistent experience for customers—whether they were in the neighborhood grabbing a pint, picking up a 4-pack at the store, or engaging online (that's where we come in).

A mature digital platform

Hopewell hadn't updated their website since the launch of the business. As their worldview matured, they wanted a platform to represent them today as well as tomorrow. They needed more control over content and customization—they're releasing new beers almost every week—and wanted their digital presence to capture their straightform, approachable philosophy.

It’s the little things that end up being pretty meaningful to the day-to-day operations of the actual site. Having a website that really reflects our business as opposed to something that just fills a void is really useful.
Samantha Lee, Co-Founder of Hopewell Brewing Company

The solution

The fix? Make Hopewell's website look and feel as good as their brand actually is by elevating their digital presence from something scrappy to something seamless, simple, and smile-worthy.

Extending an already great brand into the digital space

Folks in Chicago know Hopewell to be an inclusive, approachable place to hang out, play games, and socialize with friends (while still looking cool doing it thanks to their minimal can designs).

Using our experiences as patrons and the brand guidelines that OMFGCO provided, we tried to make stopping by the site just as warm and inviting as spending time in the taproom.

One of our strongest recommendations? Elevate Hopewell online through stunning photography. Mikey Litchfield from Potluck Creative captured employees doing their thing and put the space itself on center stage so that guests looking to stop in have a clear idea of what to expect beforehand.

It was nice to work with a team that already understood what our goals were—because everyone on the One Design team had either been to Hopewell or had our beer, our brand was already thoroughly understood.
Samantha Lee, Co-Founder of Hopewell Brewing Company

It’s all in the details

One of our favorite ways to showcase Hopewell’s laidback and playful demeanor was by utilizing the interactive space to create moments of animated delight wherever possible. We drew the monogram to allude to its hand-drawn quality, we animated Hopewell’s “There’s No ‘I’ In Beer” tagline to bring the sentiment to life, and animated buttons alongside a liquid pour background on all beer pages added delight, excitement, and personality.

All in all, working with the Hopewell team on their new website was just as good as enjoying a cold one at their taproom. Three cheers to working with beloved local brands and continuing to collaborate on projects that marry two of our favorite things—beautifully functional websites and damn fine beer.

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