Featured Project: Slumberkins, Part II


Slumberkins is a Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) company that empowers children to identify and express their emotions as they grow and explore the world around them. The Slumberkins team came to One Design to update and extend their ecommerce site after developing new business objectives, growing their audience, and creating a beautiful new brand system.

Over the course of four months, we transformed their digital experience—harnessing the power of user research and strategy-led design to build a solution that would serve their customers now and well into the future.

In part two of this two-part case study, see how our deep research motivated our design choices on their newly branded ecommerce site.

Starting with a solid foundation

Listen—our studio partner on this project—designed a brand system that beautifully captured the Slumberkins philosophy. A bright, bold color palette, creature illustrations, and charming details created an expression designed for both parents and children—all while setting Slumberkins apart within the social-emotional learning space. Keeping target audience needs, journeys, and accessibility top of mind, we evolved this print-focused design package into an inviting, dynamic, explorable, and scalable digital brand experience.

The digital design system we created for the Slumberkins team.

An iterative design system

The initial visual identity from Listen had many moving pieces that had to work in concert to bring the brand to life. Applying these pieces to the site—instituting rules, developing relationships, and establishing a point of view on color, illustration, and badges—brought clarity and purpose to the brand in digital applications.

Mobile product detail page

Slumberkins regularly evolves their Shopify site to showcase new products, marketing campaigns, and thought leadership. Our work took this into account, with an extensible system that could be applied by the internal team from day one. The research-backed design was a collaborative effort—created hand-in-hand with their internal brand team to be flexible to their needs without losing the key insights we had collected from users.

Delightful, and backed by research

Now that it’s all said and done, the new Slumberkins website champions their research-informed user experience while unabashedly celebrating their updated design system. Cute, cuddly, and functional, Slumberkins has established their digital home as an inspiring place for caregivers and children. A beautiful, creative, online environment that showcases their SEL leadership and delights their community.

Missed our research deep dive? Jump back to part one of this case study, where we share the beginning stages of our process—steps that gave us a robust understanding of how users engaged with and perceived the Slumberkins brand.

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