Featured Project: Satellite Bio

Company Logo saying "Satellite" with molecule pattern in the background.

Satellite Biosciences approached us with a compelling thought–what happens when you break down the barriers that traditionally hold back advances in medicine? When physicians, engineers, and scientists truly come together to bring their perspectives and expertise to bear on a problem?

And the promise of positive, life-changing outcomes, for people struggling with diseased or damaged organs.

Satellite Bio is establishing Tissue Therapeutics as a new pillar of regenerative medicine.

Their initial focus on augmenting or replacing liver function offers the possibility to help people suffering from advanced liver disease. Individuals who might otherwise only have liver transplant as their remaining treatment option.

Inner Space: Bringing out the right story

Telling their unique story, clearly and compellingly was the first step in our work together.

This meant getting to the core of who Satellite is-the backgrounds and motivations that drive their commitment to improve lives.

And explaining how their depth and breadth of expertise resulted in the SAT platform that drives the expansion of hapatocyte cells, creation of Tissue Seeds to support transplanted cells, and industrialized manufacturing to scale and distribute this new therapy.

Logo breakdown in 3 different colors. Satellite in a muted purple with a creme background and two alternates reversing color.

Human to the Core: An authentic brand visual expression

The new visual expression distills the core characteristics of the company and brand.

Subtly customized letterforms increase the technical feel of a warm and human serif. And a monospace sans is elevated to superscript, directly referencing the scientific rigor and engineering inherent in Satellite's innovations.

The new color palette's warm, natural tones are also a reflection of the humanity of Satellite's ethos–and like their work, set the company apart in the space.

Collage of 4 images showing different scenes from with the lab.
Grid of 4 portraits of Satellite team members.

From the Lab to the Web: Customized and flexible web content publishing

A new website incorporating custom photography, illustration, animation, and interactions brought Satellite's story, and unique new look and feel to the public.

We built the site using Craft CMS to provide Satellite with a robust and flexible editorial and publishing platform.

The results are easy editing and reconfiguration of existing pages, and the ability to quickly build new pages from a suite of content modules for a range of content from news and press releases, to new team bios and science.

Image gird of 5 different colors and backgrounds using the brand guidelines.

Supporting What's Next

A pitch and presentation deck template to support Satellite's $110M Series A raise, and social templates for the promotion of their latest innovations in Tissue Therapeutics are among a suite of tools we've provided the Satellite team to continue to tell their story as the company expands and evolves.

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