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We partnered with San Francisco-based FleetGuide to launch their product, an affordable LIDAR-based vehicle safety monitoring system for large industrial fleets. Their smart collision avoidance system will help keep drivers safe despite growing distractions and dangers on the road.

FleetGuide presented exactly the type of dual challenge we love: First, convey FleetGuide’s features clearly in a way that resonates with—and excites—audiences. And second, elevate the FleetGuide brand to position them competitively in the market.

Show, don’t tell

We set out to show—rather than tell—how FleetGuide works. So we carefully crafted a video that succinctly outlines the key features and benefits of the FleetGuide system. From storyboards to writing to illustration, this one was a joy to produce.

Animation, a universal language

Animation helped us avoid lengthy and expensive live-action shoots, and complemented real-time footage of the product in use. It also allowed us to focus viewers’ attention on the product’s features in a delightful and engaging way.

A clear—and clarifying—narrative

Of course, visuals are only part of the story when it comes to video. In collaboration with the FleetGuide team, we wrote a script that succinctly outlines the product’s key features and benefits, then cast the voiceover with their primary audience in mind.

Communicating a game changer

We’re pleased as punch with the results. The distinctive color palette and style of the illustrations is catchy without being cartoonish. And the video’s authentic style and clear language convey that FleetGuide is not merely a proof-of-concept, but rather a real, first-to-market game changer.

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