Featured Project: Chicago Design Week


Design in Motion

We created a branded campaign to celebrate Chicago Design Week 2018, a look at the fluid and evolving state of design today captured under the theme of “Design in Motion.”

Typographically, we wanted to experiment with the capabilities of variable type across interactive and print platforms. Acumin was the most straightforward and unadorned variable typeface we could find that offered the range of proportional shifts we were looking to experiment with.

Putting the motion into “design in motion”

The website (created in collaboration with longtime studio friend Chris Malven)—a functional and evolving calendar for the week—brought the concept to life visually, leveraging the dynamic interactive capabilities of variable type.

Something to hold on to

A printed promotional piece functioned as a statement of intent, an event calendar, and a poster expressing the Design in Motion concept in static form.

A little peer recognition

This project was highlighted as an official Staff Pick on the influential Fonts In Use blog.

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