5 Defining Moments of the ODC Chicken Fight

It may seem like we only ever have fun—but that’s because it’s true. With an appetite for a proper food tasting and a healthy dose of inspiration from the Doughboys podcast, we hatched the perfect event: the ODC Chicken Fight—a first annual local battle of the birds, sandwich style.

Although we couldn’t secure a live chicken (for mascot purposes only, don’t worry), we did fashion a rooster bust out of Babybel cheese wax. Yes, we also really love cheese. The sandwich-tasting lunch in its entirety was legendary, but we’ve captured five of our favorite moments below in case you missed our Instagram livestream. And the winner? You’ll have to scroll down to #2 for that.

 Henock Beyen

#5: Our Biggest Fan, Sam Rosen

One of the biggest bummers about any event is when a part of the family can’t be in attendance. This time around, we had a research team busy in Australia, a few friends out sick, and others who were just plain busy—like Sam. But he was there virtually. It was such a treat to see his “Hellos” float up in the Instagram feed while we stuffed our faces...it was as if dad was on a business trip but he FaceTimed us just so we’d know he was thinking of us. It’s the little things.

 Henock Beyen

#4: Getting Chick-y With It

It isn’t a party unless there’s a rad playlist bumpin’ in the background. “In my experience, nothing gets people more pumped to eat chicken than some chicken-related tunes,” our in-house DJ and senior designer Collin Joyce says. “I think the song that was most on-point for the event was White Wine and Fried Chicken by Hot Chip—for obvious reasons. A song that I wished I had included, but didn't think of until later is I Believe I Can Fly, which is a song written by R. Kelly from the perspective of a chicken.”

 Henock Beyen

#3: Perman Wine Pairings

Our friends at Perman Wine got in on the action and sent us a few wines carefully curated to complement, well, chicken sandwiches. Our fave? The “classic option,” a sparkling wine from a small producer in Portugal that combines two grapes indigenous to Baratta and referments them in the bottle. Champagne-esque bubbles pair perfectly with fried goodness. A white blend from Catalonia, Spain, and a Pinot Noir from New Zealand were also consumed—their acidity and texture definitely helped wash it all down in style.

 Henock Beyen

#2: The Unexpected Winner (and Loser)

Of course we selected our contestants based on user submissions—the ODC team threw in sandwiches that they loved or had heard enough about to deem competitive. On game day, we brought in a ringer, Big Jones, based on its ubiquitousness in several "top chicken sandwich" lists online.

In the end, we had several surprises: The Roost beat out The Budlong for the first place spot (It was because people deviated from the score sheet with ½ points, we’re certain of it) and Leghorn came in last place despite a few folks being sure that Chick-fil-A would be named the loser.

 Bianca Smith

#1: The Ultimate Team Bonding Experience

More than anything, the anticipation leading up to the event brought us all closer together. From workshopping the copy on the scorecard to cutting every single sandwich in quarters for the spread, the ODC Chicken Fight has brought us to one conclusion: coworkers that lunch together stay together.

 Henock Beyen

Not only did Ian recommend the winning sandwich, he also completed his Frequent Frier card. Atta boy, Ian! Wish you could’ve seen all the fun in real time? Follow us on Instagram and Twitter—who’s to say what we’ll do (or eat) next?

Winners (Averaged Scores)

  1. The Roost

  2. The Budlong

  3. Do-Rite

  4. Big Jones

  5. Parson’s

  6. Chick-fil-A

  7. Leghorn


Best Buns: To the hottest, flakiest, most mouth-watering buns in the bunch

The Roost

In Memoriam: Guy Fieri: To the sandwich that brought the most flavor to flavortown


Dirty Bird: To the sandwich that made you wash your hands three times


Pollo Loco: To the spiciest chicken in the coop


Prize Hen: To the meat that can’t be beat

The Budlong

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