Get to Know One of Us: Bianca Smith, Copywriter

 Ben Speckmann

Go beyond the LinkedIn bio to get to know One of Us.  

Q: What do you tell people you do?

Bianca: I write and edit both internal and external copy for One—we're talking everything from blog posts and Twitter polls to customer testimonials and other web copy needs. I've also been assisting design leads on any sort of research during the first phases of their projects as a junior strategist.

Q: How long have you been with ODC?

Bianca: Since May of last year.

Q: What did you do before you arrived?

Bianca: I worked as the managing editor of a few print and digital magazines prior to heading on over to One.

Q: What do you bring to ODC beyond your sweet skills?

Bianca: Lush soap for both of our bathrooms and a whole bunch of bad jokes! A fierce competitive streak one* day a year (Crosspark 2018—Limbo—I'm coming for you) and the biggest appetite for string (or Babybel) cheese. 

*Okay, it may be more than one day a year. All challenges that don't manifest in a physical form are usually resolved via Twitter this one for example.

Q: It's 11 am on Sunday. What are you doing?

Bianca: Well, I've already been up since four—my cat Pearl needed to be fed her wet food. If I'm not at Dollop getting coffee, I'm most likely on the couch binging Criminal Minds.

Q: What's a good book you've read recently?

Bianca: Since I'm a magazine junkie, I've really been loving the work that The New Philosopher is doing. I'm also really fond of the content breakdown and variety of writing styles in The Workaholism Issue of Anxy Magazine.

Q: What music do you gravitate towards when you have to be extra productive?

Bianca: Strangely enough, super loud music gets me through. When I need to write and stay focused, I blast PUP (usually going through both of their albums on shuffle).

Q: First CD/Album you ever purchased?

Bianca: I purchased my first album, Aaron's Party by Aaron Carter, at Walmart. Yep.

Q: Would you rather only be able to watch movies that feature Shia Labeouf for the rest of your life, or only be able to watch the movie Interstellar for the rest of your life?

Bianca: Interstellar is a great movie. But there are so many shades of Shia Labeouf. I'm going to go with A, Shia Labeouf.

Q: Favorite ODC moment so far?

Bianca: In such a short span of time, there are already too many favorite I'm going to break the rules and bullet-point a few out:

  1. Really committing to Crosspark...which means staying out from eight in the morning until about three in the morning the following day (I've never fully re-hydrated)
  2. Pranking a coworker by cutting out 100+ images of Nick Cage and secretly stuffing them in all of his belongings at last year's retreat at Camp Wandawega
  3. And most frequent favorite time is almost daily using lunch time to develop incredibly elaborate jokes that literally no one besides us would find the least bit humorous
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