Get to Know One of Us: Billy Schrero, Business Development Manager

Go beyond the LinkedIn bio to get to know One of Us.

Name: Billy Schrero
Trusty Sidekick: Luca, the Cavalier King Charles

Job Title: Business Development Manager
Dog Title: Director of Walks

What do you tell people you do?
Billy: Help our partners identify the challenges and opportunities to inform solutions for their brand and digital needs.
Luca: Help our employees and partners feel warmth and understand the importance of treats.

How long have you been with ODC?
Both: 7 months

What did you do before you arrived?
Billy: Was a product manager for a healthcare technology company, worked with students and teachers interested in entrepreneurship, and connected startup communities across the U.S. and Europe, all from New Orleans!
Luca: Same as currently, but also in New Orleans.

What do you bring to ODC beyond your business development skills?
Billy: My dog, Luca
Luca: My boy, Billy

Settle the debate. What’s the best flavor of La Croix?
Billy: Pample Moussé Posse, all day, every day.

What music do you gravitate towards when you have to be extra productive?
Billy: Been extra productive listening to Kamasi Washington lately.

First CD/Album you ever purchased?
Billy: Stankonia

It's 5 pm on Friday. Where are you headed?
Billy: To the kitchen for ODC happy hour.

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