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CHICAGO December 1, 2023 — The Venture Climate Alliance is a network of the world’s preeminent Venture Capital funds who’ve pledged to leverage their influence to support companies focused on improving the health and wellbeing of the planet.

One Design’s identity system for the Alliance distills the letterforms of the VCA acronym to their geometric essence, creating a highly variable graphic system intended to evoke the progressive spirit of the organization, its members’ promise to society, and the agile approach they’ll take to achieve their goals.

The identity can be used as a simple wordmark, symbol, and word mark + symbol combination.
The symbol of the mark is flexible and rearranges itself to accommodate many different forms.
The color palette makes VCA stand out and represents a new, fresh perspective.
The identity system takes inspiration from classic Swiss design, using white space intentionally and dynamic layouts.
The VCA symbol can take many different forms. For example, the V and A form a type of spotlight on the C when they are transformed.
Print materials play with color, typography, and layout design to create a harmonious pieces.
From ID cards to T-shirts, the visual system can be as expressive as needed.
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