Presenting the New Home for Field Notes Online

This week, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the new Field Notes® website—a project we’ve been incubating within our studio walls for some time now. Field Notes have been adored by fans the world over since the first notebooks were introduced a decade ago by the fine folks at Draplin Design Co. and Coudal Partners. We’re honored to have been able to collaborate with a fantastic team, building a new e-commerce experience that brings that same level of polished design sensibility to the web, alongside some fancy new features and functionality. ​

New Look, New Features, Same Notebooks

While the old site served Field Notes well, we focused on bringing the latest functionality in tech and mobile to the table. Our goal? Make the online Field Notes experience easier and more fulfilling for everyone—from regular folks to large wholesalers—when buying product, digesting company’s content, or getting lost down a rabbit hole of inspiration.

We also realized that we had to create a platform that could grow with the organization, considering functionality and technical flexibility that could support them over the long haul. We turned to Craft and its new Commerce package to do a lot of the heavy lifting. As usual, their platform and the support team have been ideal partners. ​

A Few of our Favorite Things

Updating the look and feel of the website was only a small part of what we accomplished through the redesign. To highlight a few of our favorite new features: ​

  • Responsive! Simply put, the new site performs on any device
  • Customers can now sign up for accounts to track their orders
  • Wholesale customers have a nice dedicated interface to sign up and order from too
  • Fans can order either a product or a subscription right from the limited edition pages
  • Dispatches is a whole new “rabbit-hole” experience that lets you continuously read all Field Note’s killer content without ever taking a break (don’t say we didn’t warn ya) ​

We couldn’t be more proud to have been able to work with a local company dedicated to making beautifully designed, locally sourced products.

If you’re interested in learning more about Craft or need a useful plugin, let us know! We’ll keep you posted when we release new plugins, as well as when our next lunch n’ learn is on the books where we’ll discuss the process behind the project. ​

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