Making Mornings Memorable


The Eastman Egg Company served up fresh, local, hand-crafted breakfast sandwiches and coffee that made weekday mornings feel more like a special event.

Getting to Better, Faster.

One Design helped Eastman deliver more of these memorable experiences with an app that brings customers better mornings without the wait.

Whether up bright and early or on the train and running late, app users can quickly place an order at their convenience. iBeacon technology then automatically sends the order to the kitchen when customers are near their favorite Eastman location. The result is a real, hot, cooked-to-order breakfast ready to go when they walk—or run—in the door.


On the Right Foot, On Time

Our work started with Eastman’s belief that carefully crafted food and an exceptional customer experience don’t have to come at the expense of your morning schedule.

“The app is transforming how people think about pre-orders—don't rush over, take your time, and we'll make it when you are [about to arrive].”

Hunter Swartz Eastman Egg Company

Making Exceptional the Standard

Eastman also prides themselves on making everyone feel like a regular. Whether a long-time customer or first-time visitor, an app user can save a favorite order so that it only takes two taps to enjoy their ideal breakfast any day of the week.

UX & Design

Simply Delicious

Like the locally sourced, high quality ingredients that go into every Eastman breakfast, the design of the app is simple and elegant. By putting the essentials at users’ fingertips, One Design made ordering on-the-go quick and easy for Eastman’s customers.


Real World, Real Food

Created to make customers’ mornings more enjoyable with less work, the app’s performance had to match its design and ease of use. By prototyping as soon as possible, we confirmed that from account creation, to order placement and payment, to systems integration, and the use of iBeacons to expedite pick-up and enhance customers’ in-store experience, each core aspect of the app would hold up to real-world use.

This lean approach to testing helped set Eastman up for success early, and it all started the way many customers start their day—by ordering a cup of coffee.

First Things First

In addition to the use of iBeacons, One Design also developed a robust API to connect the new app with Eastman’s existing menu and point of sale system. This approach leverages Eastman’s existing investments in technology, eliminates the need to input menu and price information twice, and ensures that the good folks at Eastman are able to keep their focus firmly where it belongs—on elevating their customers’ mornings.

“Ultimately the app will transform our store design and guest experience; we are building something much bigger than breakfast.”

Hunter Swartz Eastman Egg Company