Driving Safety Innovation


SplitSecnd creates devices and connected services that make cutting-edge automotive safety available to everyone. One Design helped them get their product on the road.

Getting Started.

SplitSecnd is an innovative product that blends the best of technology with the human touch needed in a moment of crisis, helping connect the user to emergency responders and notifying family.

From strategy to launch, One Design leapt into action to help this smart young company establish itself all while highlighting SplitSecnd’s appeal: high tech, ease of use, and offering instant peace of mind.


From the bottom up.

One Design developed a sophisticated, compelling brand identity system to help SplitSecnd stand out from an ever-growing safety product crowd—packaging to illustration, original photography to native application and web design.

Creative Partners

In addition to developing and executing on the core brand direction for SplitSecnd, One Design worked directly with several SplitSecnd creative partners to provide guidance on maintaining a consistent brand and message.

The result: a dynamic, multi-media brand that speaks to customers with a clear voice.

Illustrative Horsepower

Given the serious nature of safety, it was important that SplitSecnd be something that users would want with them every day. Through custom illustrations, photography and animation, we were able to deliver a brand that is warm and approachable, with personality carried through the entire user experience.

“One Design Company helped us refine our brand and build a cleanly designed, wonderful website that customers love.”

Will Green SplitSecnd

Packaging & Collateral

The full package.

One Design was responsible for executing the SplitSecnd brand through every medium – both physical and digital – from environmentally-friendly packaging to on-product branding.

From Unboxing to App

We made sure SplitSecnd is simple from the start, from helpful setup instructions to a guided tour.

Website & App

AAA user experience.

A product as innovative as SplitSecnd deserves the best web and app experience. One Design’s work included a fully responsive website with thoughtful UX, a seamless purchase process, and iPhone and Android apps with Family Finder functionality, trip log and family safety report.

Seamless Shopping.

When it comes to the safety of your family, confidence is essential and starts long before you receive the product. When it came time to get SplitSecnd into the hands of safety-conscious drivers, we worked hard to create the most effortless purchase and checkout process possible.

Family Safety at Home and On-the-Go

The SplitSecnd web and mobile apps provide peace of mind wherever you are.

Technical Know-how meets top-of-the-line UX.

SplitSecnd extends beyond your vehicle with FamilyFinder. We built a powerful API to connect live vehicle position data with users’ mobile devices which makes keeping track of loved ones, whether aging parents or new drivers, a breeze.