A Hub for Innovation


DMDII brings together universities, industrial corporations, and government organizations to navigate the future of manufacturing. One Design created a digital experience designed to support their unprecedented goals.

The Change Agent

DMDII is a new type of organization that's tackling the most pressing issues in manufacturing. Part incubator and part research center, the 94,000-square-foot institute is a venue where thinkers, leaders, and makers harness new methods and technology. Their aim: to help manufacturers work smarter, generate billions of dollars in value for the industrial marketplace, and spur economic growth and job creation in the U.S.

User Experience

Informed Decision-making

While DMDII was structuring its facility and internal operations, One Design was tackling their site experience. To find the best way for DMDII to tell its story and connect with its target audiences, we conducted interviews, developed user flows, and created personas. Based on extensive research, we designed interactive wireframes that allowed DMDII to test drive—and fine tune—their site.


A New Deal for Manufacturing

We set out to express DMDII's unique energy, and to do away with stodgy perceptions of manufacturing along the way. Inspired by 1930s WPA posters, we combined geometric shapes and bold industrial colors alongside images of collaboration. Together, these elements evoke a sense of dynamism and convey the dogged new approach DMDII takes to problem solving.

Web Development

A Solid Foundation

DMDII’s site is their central hub: It's where members discover project calls and share resources, and it's how potential members get to know the organization. We knew the site had to be incredibly reliable. Throughout the development process, we made refinements to ensure a secure and performant platform. We chose the powerful Craft CMS, and launched a rock-solid site that's easy to maintain.

“ODC not only helped us better identify our brand and launch a beautifully designed website under a tight timeline, they listened. We felt at ease working collaboratively throughout the entire process.”

Michael Yasso Project Manager at DMDII

Educating and Inspiring Through Design

DMDII is a pioneer in removing divides and fostering industry-wide collaborations to push manufacturing forward. Their website helps corporate leaders, academics, and local manufacturers understand DMDII’s novel approaches and understand how to benefit from them—and in turn, shapes the future of manufacturing.

Designing for the Future

The result of our collaboration is a thriving web resource that introduces DMDII's unique approach, inspires potential members to become active participants in the manufacturing revolution, and aligns with DMDII's key goal: fostering the collaborative spirit necessary to advance digital manufacturing and design in the U.S.