Your passport to great work spaces


Some days, it’s good to work downtown. Other days, it’s best to work down the street. With Deskpass, people have access to an array of shared offices around town and the freedom to chose where they work each day.

A new way to work

A few years ago, One Design opened Chicago’s first coworking space, The Coop. Soon, other shared workspaces started emerging, which inspired us to create Desktime: An app that helps people find a great place to work or share their own space. Deskpass builds on the success of Desktime and brings people the flexibility to chose from dozens of different spaces each day–from loft offices with great natural light to high-rise suites with impressive conference rooms.

“The way people work is fundamentally changing.”

Sam Rosen Founder of Deskpass, Desktime, and One Design

Project Goals

Goal-driven design

Recently, One Design created a new site design for Deskpass as well as a visual identity system that expanded designs created by our friend, Alex Fuller. At the heart of this project were three core problems to solve. First, many people aren’t familiar with coworking and shared workspaces. So, the site would need to help educate users. Second, there was low brand awareness around Deskpass.

The identity and site would be a key way to introduce the company’s value and personality. Finally, since Deskpass had a very similar name to Desktime, people had a difficult time differentiating the two companies—we needed to make them more distinct. Our work was cut out for us.

Site Design

Coworking 101

Coworking is still gaining traction in many industries and there are a lot of people who don’t know that it exists. These new-comers are an important audience for Deskpass, but one the company struggled to win over with their old site (which focused on how to use the app rather than why). In the new site, we clarify what coworking is all about. Beautiful graphics, testimonials, quick stats, and personal stories are woven together to educate users about why shared workspaces and Deskpass are worthwhile.


Delight through design

The new visual identity is rooted in a primary-inspired palette of blue, red, and yellow. These elementary colors create a sense of optimism and ease, inviting the user to explore Deskpass. The new typographic system plays off the approachability of the palette and lends itself to clear, welcoming content. And, geometric illustrations introduce moments of subtle surprise within the identity system.

“Of course I’m biased, but I loved working with the One Design team. They work smartly, collaboratively, and cultivate quality.”

Sam Rosen Founder of Deskpass, Desktime, and One Design


At the start of the project, we identified three core characteristics of the Deskpass brand: Friendly, Honest, and Genuine. These qualities acted as a beacon throughout the project, guiding design decisions every step of the way. The new visual identity brings this personality to life in a way that’s exciting for a range of audiences. It connects with millennials and freelancers, but also retirees and students. This authentic expression not only solves many communication problems for Deskpass—it also positions the company to harness new opportunities.

Designed for the Future

As Deskpass expands to new cities, their visual identity and site will be by their side—helping the business stand out, connect, and grow. The work we created empowers the company with its own voice, and one that clearly communicates how coworking works. With their welcoming aesthetic and goal-driven site experience, Deskpass is positioned to reach new parts of the country and new audiences.

A globe made of white nodes connected to each other with a blue background.