Top Five Newsletters You Should Subscribe To

Top 5 is a recurring blog and social series that divulges a studio-curated list of our favorite things. Expect to find must-reads, recommended listens, new experiences to explore, and more.

As a group of people who put out a newsletter on a weekly basis, we find it essential to follow as many other mailers that crush it time and time again. We're talkin' to gather general inspiration, to hear diverse perspectives on topics pertaining to our respective studio disciplines, and less tangibly, to be moved.

Below, we've outlined five newsletters you should add to your inbox rotation (in addition to our beloved Weekly, of course). Have at it, future subscribers.

Maybe Baby

Maybe Baby "is a weekly long-form newsletter about hard-to-describe feelings. It arrives in your inbox every Sunday morning and is best consumed while physically comfortable. [Brooklyn-based culture writer and editor Haley Nahman's] goal is to make you feel the way you do after a long talk with a friend. Or even just slightly less anxious or confused about the alien hellscape that is the modern world. [Expect] diary-like essays and observations, cultural commentary and critique, and thoughtful (and sometimes weird) recommendations."

Check Your Pulse

Check Your Pulse is "a tech and startups newsletter designed to make you feel human." Seed-stage investor, design-thinker, product strategist, and storyteller Sari Azout "[tries] to make this one of the best emails you get every two weeks(ish). More than a newsletter, this is a community of 5,000+ founders, investors, creatives, and other purposeful people who share a love for thought-provoking articles and ideas."


Bytes by U; is a mailer that boasts you can become a smarter JavaScript developer by staying informed on the JavaScript ecosystem, all the while staying entertained. Delivered every Monday for free.

Dense Discovery

Dense Discovery is "a weekly newsletter helping you be productive, feel inspired, and think critically." Expect fresh discoveries at the intersection of technology, design, sustainability, and culture—including useful apps, tools, and websites; interesting books and accessories; inspiring art and design projects; and thought-provoking things to read, listen, watch.


The fine folks at Varyer put out their first mailer in October of 2020, and it's been one of our favorite inbox messages since. They kicked off their venture in typical down-to-earth-Varyer fashion, stating, “we’ll be posting on behalf of ourselves and our friends—features on artistic breakthroughs and hidden obsessions, Google docs of recommendations that get updated over time, playlists of the music that’s keeping us going, windows into our creative practice and process, and whatever else feels important.” Subscribe! You won’t regret It for a second.

Make sure to subscribe to The Weekly for more recommendations if you haven't already. Is there a newsletter you swear by that wasn't featured in our Top 5? DM us on Instagram—we're always lookin' to add to our repertoire!

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