News: David Sieren Speaking at the Denver Hotel & Lodging Forum

CHICAGO, August 19, 2019 — We’re pleased to announce that Director of Design and Strategy at One Design David Sieren is speaking at Bisnow’s Denver Hotel & Lodging Forum this Thursday.

David will appear on the Western Hospitality: The Colorado Experience panel, where he’ll be discussing the power of brand as a guiding light in the hospitality world alongside Kim Corrigan, VP of Operations at Sage Hospitality; Ryan Diggins, Founder & Owner of The Ramble Hotel; Timothy Wolfe, Complex General Manager of The Brown Palace Hotel; and more.

“When we talk about brand, we’re not just talking about marketing,” Sieren told BisNow earlier this month. “We’re talking about something that transcends name and identity. Brand, on a fundamental level, is about the promise a development is making about what it will bring to its tenants and the community.”

At One Design, we believe the built world thrives at the convergence of research, architecture, design, service, communication, and technology. Our process is designed to unite disparate teams under a common vision throughout the lifecycle of a project. Given inherent complexities, teams shaping the built world are best served when brand strategy has a seat at the table from the start—at the moment of inception before the first plans are drawn.

To learn more about our perspective on branding and hospitality—as well as our process—read our article Branding the Built World.

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