One’s Top Tens 2014, Vol 3

We're wrapping up our year and our year's bests with Vol 3 of One's Top Tens. Enjoy!

From Tommy: Top 10 stock photos

1 - Mature man lying on side on bench and using laptop and holding credit card - My hero

2 - Business People Together - Guy sitting. Amazing. So into business.

3 - Presentation charts - Stock Image - Imagine how big the smile is on the guy with the coffee mug. He LOVES those projections.

4 - Head Shot Phone Operator - Stock Image - The senior picture I should’ve taken.

5 - Senior man sitting on toilet using laptop - Need me to reschedule this call? Nah, I’m good.

6 - Businessman smiling by montage of smiling faces - The Title.

7 - Business men running on track - The Form.

8 - Romantic businessman with guitar over blue - Stock Image - Tell us. What other skills would you bring to Brown & Partners, LLC.?

9 - 49th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - I was mistaken, Entourage could’ve been douchier.

10 - Mature man lying on bench with laptop and gesturing - So chill. Love him.

From Brian: Top 6 Ways Brian doesn't follow the rules

Top Ten Pixel colors: 1. Red 2. Green 3. Blue

Top Ten Process Colors: 1. Cyan 2. Magenta 3. Yellow 4. KBlack

Top Ten Dogs: 1. My dog

Top Ten Things around me right now: 1. Laptop 2. Monitor 3. Coffee 4. Flaming Hot Cheetos 5. Mtn Dew 6. Paper 7. Wacom Tablet 8. Headphones 9. Paper 10. Ziploc Bag

Top Ten Podcast Episodes: 1. Serial Episode 12 2. Serial Episode 11 3. Serial Episode 10 4. Serial Episode 9 5. Serial Episode 8 6. Serial Episode 7 7. Serial Episode 6 8. Serial Episode 5 9. Serial Episode 4 10. The Truth: The Extractor

Top Ten Things I Don’t Really like About Top Ten Lists: 1. Ranking things 2. Thinking of ten things 3. Re-ranking things 4. Realizing I forgot something important as soon as I finish 5. Re-ranking things again 6. Staring at the wall trying to think of things 7. Re-ranking things yet again 8. Comparing lists with someone else 9. Realizing they put something on their list that should totally be on yours 10. Giving up

From David: Top 10 sounds to get lost in

  1. Little drummer Boy: Low, Christmas / Mark Kozelek, Little Drummer Boy – Live

  2. Erik K Skodvin: Flame

  3. Swans: The Seer (We Rose From Your Bed With the Sun In Our Head)

  4. Jenny Hval & Susanna: Meshes of Voice

  5. David Lynch & Alan R. Splet: Eraserhead (soundtrack)

  6. Mica Levi: Under the Skin (original motion picture soundtrack)

  7. Nils Frahm: Spaces

  8. Gabriel Saloman: Movement Building, Vol. 1

  9. Brian Eno: LUX

  10. Andrea Belfi: Natura Morta

From Pablo: Top Ten NP-Complete Problems Expressed as decision problems

First, some background.
What is NP and NP-Complete?
Formally: In computational complexity theory the abbreviation NP refers to "nondeterministic polynomial time." A problem is NP-complete when it is both in NP and NP-hard (this means "at least as hard as the hardest problems in NP").

Informally: NP-Complete is a class of problems that if we try to solve them with an exact algorithm, it will take a long time no matter how many servers or computers we use, or if we can solve it then if we add one more instance to the problem we cannot solve it anymore.

This leads to the P versus NP problem, a major unsolved problem in computer science. It asks whether every problem whose solution can be quickly verified by a computer can also be quickly solved by a computer. (If you solve it prepare to be a super famous scientist and probably a millionaire too). Here's a handy chart.

  1. Boolean satisfiability problem (sometimes called Sat)
    This one should be the first one since one of the techniques to solve it is to reduce one problem to another, and all the NP Problems can be reduced to this one. So if you solve this one, then you can solve all of them.
    An example given: "(x1 ∨ ¬x2) ∧ (¬x1 ∨ x2 ∨ x3) ∧ ¬x1" where x1, x2 and x3 are Boolean, is there a valuation for the variables where the entire clause is true?

  2. Knapsack problem
    Given a bag can carry only a certain weight and we have a bunch of packages that have a weight and a price, which packages should I buy to:
    A - be able to carry them in the bag
    B - maximize the amount of money I use in packages?
    This problem happens in a lot of different areas such as investments and portfolios and cryptosystems.

  3. Traveling salesman problem
    Very easy and fun. We have a salesman that has to visit clients in a bunch of cities and we know the distances between each pair of cities. What is the shortest possible route that visits each city exactly once and returns to the origin city?

  4. Nurse scheduling problem
    I remember this because being inexperienced tried of course without luck to solve this problem (without knowing it was NP-Complete) If I knew this I would not try to give an exact result but at that time I did.

  5. Chinese postman
    Suppose there is a mailman who needs to deliver mail to a certain neighborhood. The mailman is unwilling to walk far, so he wants to find the shortest route through the neighborhood. His route must meet the following criteria: It is a closed circuit (it ends at the same point it starts. and he needs to go through every street at least once.

  6. Eternity II
    Some guys make this game and offered a prize for the one that solves it, of course I said lets do a program to solve it, big mistake it is an NP-Complete problem and cannot be solved exactly in a reasonable time.

  7. Candy Crush Saga Yes Candy Crush is also NP-Complete, so don't cheat.

  8. Bejeweled Of course, if Candy Crush is that hard then Bejeweled should be too. And it is.

  9. Super Mario Bros Nintendo did it again, Super Mario Bros is NP-Complete

  10. Lemmings This guy took an enormous amount of time to prove that it is really hard to help the Lemmings.

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