One of Us: Gen Carter, Creative Strategist

Go beyond the LinkedIn bio and get to know One of Us.

Name: Gen Carter
Job Title: Creative Strategy/ Copywriter

What do you tell people you do?
Anything from initial strategy building, web copy, to social media!

How long have you been with ODC?
A few glorious months.

What did you do before you arrived?
Social Media Strategy and Community Management for a small agency.

What do you bring to ODC beyond your strategy skills?
Estrogen. And a not so secret affinity for Taylor Swift.

Name the moment when you realized you were part of the ODC family.
When I discovered the secret of accidental Jordan on Slack.

What are you excited about developing as part of the team?
I'm excited to continue to build on my experience in social media strategy, and broadening my skill set to include all the various creative projects for ODC.


Favorite office pooch:
Big Ryder fan, but it's a love unrequited. He doesn't share my sentiments.

It's 5 pm on Friday. Where are you headed?
Happy Hour with friends!

It's 11 am on Sunday. What are you doing?
Brunch before Family Dinner at my parent's house. Sunday is very food motivated.

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