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Memorial Day Weekend is here. If you're from Chicago, you know what this means: summer. We asked One Design what they were looking forward to most about this summer, and put together a bucket list to keep ourselves accountable. Here are just a few of the things we have on our list.

Bike to 3 Floyd's
"But 3 Floyd's is in a whole different state isn't it?" Yes, and Indiana is completely accessible via the lakefront trail. Cycle and beer enthusiasts can earn their calories biking to the brewpub and they don't even need to worry about coordination on the way back, because you can take the Metra all the way home.

Dinner picnics at Foster Beach
Because what could be nicer than a fresh drink, picnic dinner and a view of the lake? This just sounds delightful.

Navy Pier's Seadog
This Navy Pier ride isn't just for tourists. Local thrill seekers can have as much fun cruising the lake and getting soaked by waves as the next person. Post-Seadog activities should include Rainforest Cafe for the full experience.

Camping at White Pines State Park
Take a weekend trip out of the city and you'll find White Pines State Park along the Iowa-Illinois border. Among the park'​s most interesting features are the concrete fords that span the creeks so visitors can drive through the flowing streams, and an accessible path leading to the stream bank for wildlife watching and fishing.

Midnight Circus in the Parks
Who doesn't love a good theatrical circus performance to raise money for the park district?

Pitchfork Music Festival
The bands just keep getting better year after year. We look forward to Pitchfork even more than Lollapalooza.

Chicago Farmers Markets
From fresh produce to Pleasant House pies to Windmill Ginger Brew's blood orange ginger beer (great with a little rye whiskey, just sayin’), there's something for everyone—and in nearly every neighborhood across the city.

Chicago Hot Dog Fest
You'll have to wait until August, but it's always worth it. Chicago style all the way.

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