News: One Design Honored with Two Awards in the PRINT 2024 Global Design Competition

Black and white PRINT 2024 Awards logo on the left, next to the logo for Kinetic and typography for Confronting Design on the right

CHICAGO, JUNE 11, 2024 — It's an immense honor to announce that two recent One Design projects have been recognized through PRINT Magazine’s prestigious 2024 Global Design Competition.


In the Branding Collaborations category, our work for Confronting Design—a collaboration with the Chicago Graphic Design Club—was awarded Third Place. And in the Logos category, our work for Kinetic was awarded Third Place. Check out the complete slate of talented 2024 PRINT Design Annual winners here.

Third Place, Branding Collaborations
Confronting Design

In collaboration with the Chicago Graphic Design Club, we crafted a brand identity for Confronting Design, a series of workshops, panel discussions, forums, and debates focused on pressing issues facing the field of design. The first sold-out event took place in April of 2023, and focused on Artificial Intelligence and its impact on design.

The Confronting Design typographic logo, shown in alternating configurations and colorways

The design system is a typographic manifestation of dialogue and the point-counterpoint dynamic of debate. An ever-evolving, dynamic design language, the system is built on a constantly shifting visual power dynamic between the words in the series’ title to communicate the energy—and potential volatility—of the topics at hand.

Four images from the first Confronting Design panel event, focused on artificial intelligence.
Confronting Design: Artificial Intelligence

Third Place, Logos

Kinetic is creating an infrastructure-as-a-service solution to eliminate the friction associated with providing maintenance to today’s modern digitized vehicles. Their solutions promise effortless speed, effortless accuracy, and effortless precision.

The Kinetic logo and its accompanying monogram are symbolic of their comprehensive, self-contained, ever-expanding solution. The bespoke letterforms within the wordmark nod to engineering, precision, and cutting-edge digital technology, with a sense of visual strength that keeps them grounded in the industrial sector.

The Kinetic monogram and logo, shown in three different colorways,
Details of the custom letterforms within the Kinetic wordmark.

The complimentary visual system—including illustration, iconography, animation, photography, and video—pays homage to the innovative solutions the team is developing to facilitate an effortless transition to the modern age of mobility for dealerships, independent and national repair shops, fleets, and OEMs.


In 1980, PRINT Magazine launched PRINT’s Regional Design Awards competition with a simple goal: to show that outstanding design wasn’t just limited to New York City, and could be found throughout every single region of the United States. Forty years later they updated and relaunched their annual awards program to showcase the reality that outstanding design isn’t limited to the United States—it can be found in every corner of the globe.

This year’s jury worked across a wide array of categories, evaluating entries based on originality, innovation, longevity, and craft.

Check out the complete slate of talented 2024 PRINT Design Annual winners here.

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