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CHICAGO, May 8, 2020 — In collaboration with AIGA Chicago, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Office Ours, a series of virtual studio tours focused on the nuts and bolts of running a creative practice.

The program features an evolving roster of studios, presenting our global design community with an opportunity to dig below the surface and see how businesses operate, evolve, and thrive.


For the first Office Ours appointment on Tuesday, May 19 at 6:00 p.m. CST, One Design will speak to how an intentionally crafted environment—be it physical or virtual—can be a space of prosperous inspiration, innovation, and co-creation. Mig Reyes of Instagram will be moderating the discussion.

“While the idea for this series has been floating around for awhile now, it has become ever-more important due to the current pandemic and its effects on the design profession,” David Sieren, Partner and Director of Design and Strategy at One Design says. “As many of us cling to tight-knit peer networks of design leaders and entrepreneurs—looking for advice to help us navigate the crisis and keep our businesses afloat—we realized that there are many out there without access to similar networks, individuals who could greatly benefit from the generosity and security one provides.”

Valerie Craig, Co-President of AIGA Chicago, says the Office Ours series is a prime example of how AIGA Chicago’s chapter mission can be amplified in these times by fostering community and unity online.

“Uniting and advancing the design community is foundational to AIGA Chicago’s mission and Office Ours perfectly embodies those principles,” Craig says. “This is a unique moment in time for the design community, that through isolation we have the opportunity to reach and connect with our fellow designers on a global scale and learn from one another.”

All proceeds of the suggested $5.00 donation will go to support student programming and scholarships.

RSVP for the first event, or see upcoming appointments here.

Oh yeah, about the design concept and website—we’re pretty darn proud of that too…

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