ODC Recommendations: 9 Apps We Can’t Live Without

You’re always balancing at least a few plates, so you know how essential apps can be for getting it all done without any breakage. Here are nine of our favorite behind-the-scenes helpers: Prepare to get productive.

Productivity reigns with this award-winning Mac OS X app. Hotkey triggers, shell integration, and the ability to import workflows make completing cumbersome daily tasks as easy as 1, 2, 3. Actually—scratch that. Steps 2 and 3 were eliminated thanks to Alfred's Clipboard History and Snippets features.

Little Ipsum
This free, easy-to-use Latin text generator doesn’t require an internet connection, so you can get your lorem ipsum on whenever and wherever you like—and it won’t bog down your system. Now that’s what we call a winning combo.

It’s a cardinal sin to have too many tabs open, so we’ve found a workaround. Moom allows you—using your mouse or keyboard shortcuts—to move and size different windows to a grid. After saving your custom layouts, you can have eyes on every window without your digital space feeling cluttered.

Who wants to be able to view more than 200 file formats online? We do! Jumpshare lives in your menu bar, so quickly sharing screen recordings and files is a no-brainer. One of the best features? Access to project files when you aren’t at your desk via Jumpshare’s easy-to-use mobile platform.

Sometimes we’re on our devices really early in the morning or really late at night...more than we might want to admit (We’re older Millennials, okay?) Whether you want to make sure your computer isn’t keeping you from getting some shut-eye or you just want your screen to look better, F.lux adjusts your screen to mimic indoor light at night and sunlight during the day.

Capturing, applying, and sharing colors this quickly just can’t be real. But it is—thanks, Sip’s color picker. Being able to curate palettes, dock your favorites on the side of your screen, and work that code into Sketch with just a few clicks makes our heart beat a Crimson (#D21A3D) red.

Need some help measuring graphics and layouts? xScope helps you find the dimensions of on-screen elements just by scrolling your mouse over them, displays both vertical and horizontal guides to easier align design components, and uses mirroring so you can see how other devices respond to your work while you create on your Mac.

Sublime Text 3
There have been a bunch of new text editors for code popping up lately—Atom and Visual Code are just a few new kids on the block—but a most of our developers have been using Sublime Text for years. Their favorite part? It's speed. Always reliable, it’s a tried and true staple in our app toolbox.

One of our least favorite user experiences is bouncing between all of our different email inboxes, calendars, and Google Drives. Insert Shift into the equation and eliminate all of that unnecessary stress. For organizational fiends, there’s nothing quite like toggling between all of your accounts quickly.

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