News: Wilder Fields and Saint Kate are featured in gestalten’s newest publication Brand New Brand

CHICAGO, MARCH 4, 2021 — Our work for Wilder Fields and Saint Kate is featured in gestalten Publishing’s Brand New Brand—a 256-page “celebration of the dynamic visual identities helping small businesses make big impressions.”

Brand New Brand “presents the most successful business branding in recent years—collecting the best-in-class examples [that] illustrate how well-curated, holistic branding can take a butcher’s, bookstore, bakery, or even a physiotherapist from the bottom of the pile to the top of the range.”

Through a curated selection of case studies from those built on a small budget, others focusing on sustainable approaches, and many which blaze a trail, Brand New Brand is the handbook that shows how to stand out and be noticed.

The book is available for purchase in Europe today. Those of you stateside can sign-up here to get a copy when it’s released on May 4th in the U.S.

About gestalen

gestalten continues to actively reimagine the way in which publishing is approached. With an extensive range of titles, they not only seek to enhance and to enrich their reader's lives, but to continually engage with the surrounding creative landscape.

Learn more and access their collection of publications here.

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