News: Pembroke’s Revitalization of Commonwealth Pier has Begun

CHICAGO, OCTOBER 16, 2020 — We’re pleased to announce that international real estate developer, Pembroke, partnered with One Design to develop an on-site and digital teaser campaign announcing that construction has started on the revitalization of Commonwealth Pier—a roughly 705,000-square-foot, vibrant waterfront destination for all in Boston’s historic Seaport District.


Building on a years-in-the-making vision crafted by an impressive team of architects, developers, sustainability experts, One collaborated with the Commonwealth Pier project team to articulate the impact this new, evolved destination will have on the Seaport and Boston at large.

The Commonwealth Pier project, at its core, is forging new space out a historied, iconic waterfront building. It’s physically and figuratively carving out room to reconnect with Boston’s waterfront. To experience the Pier’s historic past. To make new memories. And ultimately, to celebrate the vibrancy and diversity The Pier will eventually foster.

“Our challenge was to build a campaign that was rooted in the Pier’s rich maritime past that also conveyed inclusivity, with a little something for everyone. By doing a quick competitive study and a brand perception analysis, we were able to identify some key attributes that informed the strategic positioning, visual system, and announcement campaign for the Pier revitalization project. The outcome is a powerfully graphic visual approach that evokes movement and connection, with ripples of impact that vibrate across the campus and foster new experiences at their intersections. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Commonwealth Pier—and to help the project team articulate a brand that embodies its full potential.”

Account Director at One Design, Robyn Paprocki Woodford

Together, our teams crafted a campaign that expresses at the impressive, far-reaching impact these spaces will have and builds excitement around each of the new connections, explorations, and experiences made possible because of the revitalization of the Pier.

“As a studio, it’s wonderful to be able to continue leveraging our expertise in brand and communication strategy within the built environment—collaborating with Pembroke on a highly visible, large-scale project designed to increase accessibility and inclusivity at a time when strengthening community bonds coast to coast is of such incredible importance.”

Director of Design and Strategy at One Design, David Sieren

Commonwealth Pier is expected to complete in 2024. In the meantime, learn more and keep up with the project’s progress here.

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