News: Monotype Studio features Wilder Fields in its 2021 Type Trends Report

CHICAGO, April 12, 2021 — We’re thrilled to share that Monotype Studio has included our work for Wilder Fields in their sought-after 2021 Type Trends Report.

This year’s report “[examines] the movements shaping the creative community, informing branding and driving design today and into the future.”

Through the lens of 11 different trends, Monotype “demonstrates how brands are utilizing cutting-edge font technology to meet the potential of today’s modern devices, while simultaneously repurposing familiar designs of years past in striking, unexpected ways.”

The Wilder Fields typographic system—and more specifically, the logotype—is noted as turning away from the over-tidiness of geometric sans-serifs in favor of leaning into an authentic brand voice. Equipped with calligraphic impressions and an organic spirit, Monotype says that Wilder Fields is evidence of type becoming more human, warm, touchable, and celebratory of contrast.

“Today, as we search to find our place in a global, digital society—exasperated by a year’s worth of isolation via Zoom—we’re all desperately craving personality, character and warmth—human connection,” Director of Design and Strategy at One Design David Sieren says. “This report illustrates the role agencies, designers, and brands are playing in connecting us to commerce, experiences, and one another.”

Stills from the Monotype Type Trends: 2021 and Beyond webinar

Download the report to see what’s fresh in the world of design in addition to what might be coming over the horizon, too. And, for an in-depth look at the typographic trends from Charles Nix and Phil Garnham, tune into Monotype’s on-demand webinar Type Trends: 2021 and Beyond.

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