The (New) Weekly: Richer Perspectives, Exchanges & Conversations

The Weekly has been rebuilt from top to bottom.

A healthy amount of design and culture news curation is still included—but we’re on a mission to write more of our own content and, well, look a bit more like present-day One Design.

For 6 years, we’ve been collecting, curating, and delivering the week’s best design and technology resources, straight to inboxes just like yours (or, maybe, actually yours...which in that case, thank you for already subscribing). And if we had to we’d say its current format and content has had a good run—all the Week’s best design and development quick hits aggregated in one little virtual mailer.

But we’d be remiss if we didn’t confess that we’ve been wanting more.

More flexibility. More focus. More celebration. More honesty. More space. More personality.

This sentiment acted as a little mini creative brief for The Weekly’s new visual expression, content programming, and how we talk about it outside of the walls of the email itself. For the remainder of the summer, we’ve developed a bunch of new content and have also repackaged some of what we’d now call “the classics.”

Office Ours Extended

We’re kicking off the new newsletter with responses to unanswered questions posed to us during our Office Ours session—with topics ranging from building a pipeline to nurturing the team and managing COVID-19.

Piece by Piece

Also rolling out is a new social endeavor called Piece by Piece—a series of discipline-specific creative prompts that act as a call to make, no matter the fidelity. Every Tuesday morning, we’ll release one writing, design, and development prompt and gather submissions tagged #onedesignprompts and @onedesignco the Monday that follows. Not only is this an effort to incite creativity and curiosity, but it’s also a chance to use our platforms to share some of our favorite submissions.


And last on the docket, we’re including what we’re calling Micro-conversations. Limited to a few paragraphs of a response or a few lines of dialogue between us One Design-ers, these unreserved, honest chats are our way of spotlighting the spirit and point of view of voices at One on topics we’re passionate about.

If anyone reading was worried about the lack of curated design and development articles or the announcement of new One Design case studies, don’t fret. All of the news you’ve been digging will still have a place in The Weekly when we have important headlines to share.

The Weekly is our way to talk to you, dear reader, more consistently and candidly. Keep up with us—we’ll keep up with you in return—by subscribing, sharing, and joining us in this new newsletter journey.

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