News: David Sieren named in Newcity’s Design 50: Who Shapes Chicago 2020

 Nathan Keay

CHICAGO, February 27, 2020 — We are incredibly proud to announce that Design Director of One Design David Sieren has been named in this year's NewcityDesign 50: Who Shapes Chicago.”

This year's Design 50 “highlights...those who give us boundary-pushing work, immersive experiences and all-around impeccable design across all realms,” Vasia Rigou writes. “Their informed predictions, guesses, thoughts and ideas reflect some widely held desires, hopes and fears for where the design world is headed. It is also further proof that those fifty creatives are without a doubt among the city’s shining stars—the ones to bring in high hopes, hard work and positive change.”

Sieren—who is acknowledged for his impact as director of design and strategy at One Design, co-president of AIGA Chicago, and a board member of the newly incorporated Chicago Design Week—is listed at #43 amongst an impressive group of design leaders the city.

"I see our community breaking down silos of traditional discipline and practice to embrace the truly multidisciplinary approach," Sieren says.

You can find a print copy of this year’s list at thousands of Chicago locations, or you can read up on the 2020 influencers online.

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