News: Brian Hanson Speaking at DotAll Conference

CHICAGO, September 19, 2019 We’re excited to announce that Senior Front End Developer Brian Hanson is speaking at Craft CMS's DotAll Conference in Montréal this Thursday about Headless Commerce with Craft CMS and Gatsby.

DotAll, the official developer conference for Craft CMS, will cover a wide range of topics surrounding the use of Craft CMS as a content management system and an application framework. Brian’s talk focuses on the use of Craft Commerce in a headless configuration.

“Headless is all the rage, and doesn't seem to be dying down anytime soon,” Hanson says. “In my talk, I'll walk through how we built a proof of concept using Craft Commerce and Gatsby—talking through our decisions, some of the difficulties we faced, and how we worked around them from the initial commit through deployment.”

Brian works to bridge the space between graphic design and front-end development. As a designer at One Design, he focuses on making something that is easy for someone else to use and is designed in a simple and elegant way.

One Design believes in trying new things in order to learn lessons quickly that we can apply to future projects and clients. DotAll provides and excellent venue for One Design to share back our learnings to a crowd that could gain from it directly.

Interested in learning more about our process? Read more here.

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