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Bringing a Warm, Inviting Shopping Experience to the Perman Wine Selections Website

From the second you step into Perman Wine Selections, you’re in for a different kind of wine shopping experience.

Regulars know you come here to buy more than a bottle of wine. Each bottle comes with its own story. A story that Craig Perman himself will take the time to tell you. He can describe the terroir of the wine’s region but he’s more likely to tell you the story of the generations of winemakers behind your bottle, he probably knows them personally.

The wines here are unlike anything else you’ll find in Chicago because Craig has so meticulously curated the selection. The place is called Perman Wine Selections after all. Craig wants customers to walk out as excited to drink that bottle as he was to bring it to the shelf. Whether your budget is $20 or $200, the Perman staff brings the same level of enthusiasm to help you select a bottle perfectly suited to your tastes.

But here’s the thing. There’s only one Craig. And he can only talk to so many people at one time to share these wonderful stories and recommendations. Enter a new website that Perman Wine Selections could use to reach a larger audience of oenophiles.

When Perman Wine Selections approached One Design about creating a new website and e-commerce shop, this personality and shopping experience was key. The website’s design and content needed to bring forth the warm and welcoming enthusiasm that Craig offers to his customers. To highlight the personal relationship Perman Wine Selections has with their producers and the wines they sell, a new journal section captures Craig’s journeys and his travel and dining recommendations.

This site also marked Perman’s first foray into e-commerce, presenting a huge opportunity to expand their customer base beyond those who could physically visit one of their stores. We designed a clean and streamlined shopping experience that allows customers learn those informative details about each bottle. Could we interest you in an aromatic and vibrant example of Godello from Spain, for example?

One Design built the site with a combination of Craft CMS and Shopify, offering Perman the best of both worlds: a robust, powerful content management system and full-feature ecommerce platform. Now Perman can share more wine with more consumers. And with his travel recommendations and producer profiles just a link away, Craig can focus more attention on growing his business. Just month after the site launched, the local delivery options with Postmates have been a big hit.

We’re proud of the new because it conveys the personal relationships and local knowledge that make shopping there special. We hope you’ll find a bottle you love — and a story to go along with it.

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