New Work: AIGA Chicago M.A.D. Student Design Award

CHICAGO, MAY 30, 2017 — One Design Company is excited to share their contributions to AIGA Chicago’s M.A.D. Student Design Award.

"What does an award you’d be excited to receive as a design student look like?’” Kyle Meyer, Senior Designer at One Design Company said. “We wanted to make something that you’d want to frame and hang on the wall—something to really be proud of.”

The M.A.D. Student Design Award is a new initiative created this year that recognizes a graduating member of an AIGA student group in the Chicago area whose motivation, attitude and dedication to their school’s design community demands notice.

“We want to reward work that encompasses more than just GPA,” Lauren Meranda, Education Co-Chair at AIGA Chicago says. “The award and its recipients are something for professional designers to keep an eye on because these students are handpicked by their faculty advisors for being outstanding. They are likely to make waves in the design community in the future.”

The 2017 award recipients are Devyn Absher (Augustana College), Mariana Domagalski (DePaul), Katherine Edwards (UIC), Jared Sawdey (Columbia College Chicago), Grace Sullivan (UIUC), Natalia Warren (Judson University) and Mia Zierk (Loyola University Chicago).

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