Holiday Return Gift Guide

Gather up those gift receipts. Now the real holiday shopping begins.

Not a present is left under the tree. Eight days of magic are over. But your more-than-slight disappointment in what you got is here to stay, unless you do something about it. We've got the gifts you wish you'd gotten. Happy returning and happy shopping.

The first friend in the group with a baby

We know you appreciate it when your single friends continue to buy you ironic pacifiers, but your Eames-loving baby is better than that.

An image of the Flensted children's mobile
The Playsam rocket, A black and white retro toy.
A wooden toy duck on wheels
A vintage Miffy museum book

The obscure musicophile who received a Dave Matthews Band album

Now you know your taste in friends is far more basic than your taste in music.

Kyouei Design: Endless Rain LP
An image of the book, Making Music: Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers
The Suzuki minichord. A vintage, simple synth.

Suzuki Omnichord, usually around $250 on eBay

The foodie who doesn’t cook

Just because you love to eat doesn’t mean you like to cook. Unfortunately, this fact seems to have gone right over the heads of some people who gave you a gift this year.

A novelty ribbon that says, "Good Eater Award"
A personal snacking bowl. A bowl you can hold in one hand that has compartments for chips as well as dip.
A mechanism for scraping cheese from a cheese wheel in a decorative kind of way

The partner of a not-so-better half who missed the mark

Your significant other completely whiffed on your gift this year. Don’t second guess the relationship, get yourself a second gift. Maybe one you both can enjoy?

Concert Tickets

Home Cooked Dinner

Dinner at a Restaurant

Museum Membership

A Trip

The space enthusiast with space cadet friends

Your friends don’t quite understand why you applied to live on Mars, but we do.

A retro looking wooden satellite model
An image of the book's cover featuring an astronaut
An 3/4 view of the stellarscope, a telescopic looking item with settings to orient constellation views based on month and day
A component view of the space kit showing individual parts as well as a finished radar dish

The Cyclist With friends who drive

They know you love to bike, so they all got you Divvy memberships.

A leather phone wallet meant to attach to a bicycle's crossbar

Canoe Bicycle Phone Holder, $60

A red, black and white, retro messenger bag

The child of luddite parents

They bought you an almanac, again. Give yourself an upgrade.

An image showing a hand opening up an issue of Fast Company magazine

The person you know best

You thought you'd finished all of your returns and regifting. But, then you realized there was one person you had forgotten to get yourself something from—you.

Four identical bottles of Koval spirits in a row

Koval Organic Dry Gin, approx $40 (check your local liquor store)

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