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Northwestern Medicine’s 25,000 faculty, physicians, researchers, and staff support and advance healthcare in Chicago. Behind the scenes, they needed an intuitive digital platform to support their work. Enter One Design.

We redesigned MyNMI (a portion of Northwestern Medicine’s intranet) to put vital tools, information, and support at their diverse workforce’s fingertips.

Diagnosis: Disorganization

We visited employees across roles, regions, and business units to uncover pain points and identify opportunities. Immersion in clinical and administrative workspaces showed us that MyNMI had plenty of useful tools and information—but that it was cluttered and tough to navigate.

We also uncovered a wide range of needs—from supporting the critical care of patients to universal tasks such as employee goal setting. Card sorting exercises helped us form some theories about what was truly important, and how to organize information to be more intuitive.

Testing our treatment plan

Armed with observations and insights from the field, we created a set of robust, clickable wireframes to test and refine our ideas with users. From there, we built a live prototype and used Hotjar to record sessions and track users’ scroll patterns to further analyze and improve our design.

Very clean, easy to navigate, logical groupings, and a straightforward layout that will save time.
MyNMI Survey Respondent

Healthy vitals

The result? A redesigned main navigation that features common content categories and quick access to customized applications. Plus a more accessible dashboard, a revised content strategy for internal pages, and a floating button for quick help access across the site.

In a survey about the new design, users were overwhelmingly positive, sharing lots of love for the modern layout, updated organization, and explanatory text. And we’re thrilled to support them in their relentless pursuit of better medicine.

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